How To Get Kepler R Ship In Starfield

Kepler R is a ship in Starfield which has feature that lets you travel faster than any ship.

Kepler R is the best option to get a fast and robust ship in Starfield. The best part of getting Kepler R is that it will cost you nothing, but its value is close to half a million credits if we compare the features.

Kepler R has a great shield and weapon systems to protect you from enemies. It also has good cargo-hauling abilities and can easily accommodate up to “sixcrew members in Starfield. Kepler R also lets you travel faster than ever due to its “Gravity Drive” feature.

Steps to get Kepler R in Starfield

To get Kepler R, you need to follow the simple steps listed below:

1. Begin Overdesigned Side Quest

The first thing that you need to do to get Kepler R ship is to start and complete the Overdesigned Side Quest. You must first complete a prerequisite for finishing the “High Price to Pay” quest.

Upon doing so, you will unlock the Overdesigned quest in Starfield. After that, you must make your way to the New Atlantis city. Head inside the Lodge, where you can start the quest.

2. Pass a Persuasion check with Jules

As part of the mission objectives, you will meet with Jules to increase the R&D budget to build the new ship. Passing this persuasion check is crucial in getting a Kepler R ship in Starfield.

To pass this, you must select “We can build whatever we want with a larger budget. Let’s go with the “kitchen sink” proposal” dialogue option.

You may fail multiple times while increasing the budget, so saving the game progress before that is best. Doing so will help you save time by not starting the mission from the beginning.

3. Speak to your R&D Team

While building this ship in Starfield, your R&D team plays a vital role, so you must build their trust. You must initiate the conversation with them and select only the positive dialogue options.

4. Convince your R&D team to compromise

You will be presented with a tough choice as part of the mission objective. This will either restructure the whole R&D team or convince them to a compromise.

For this, you must choose to “convince the team.” You must select the dialogue option stating, “The only fair thing to do is make everyone give up one compromise’ after the market research.”

5. Get the Kepler R Ship

If you have done all the mission objectives as we told you above, you can finish the Overdesigned mission in Starfield. After that, you must initiate the conversation with “Walter Stroud.” Doing so, you will get possession of Kepler R Ship.

Kepler R stats in Starfield

After getting Kepler R, you will get “BAL44” and “LAS 38” as your primary weapons. The overall stats of the ship are mentioned below:

Cargo Capacity3550
ReactorClass C 24
Jump28 Light Years
Shielded Capacity0

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