Starfield Juno’s Gambit Mission: Save Or Destroy Juno

Who killed the scientist? Was it the AI Rogue, Juno or the two Ryujin Operatives? The answers lie within the Starfield Juno's Gambit Mission

The decision about choosing Ryujin Operatives or Juno comes as part of Starfield’s main mission, Juno’s Gambit. As part of the mission objectives, you must take control of Juno, a rogue AI. After that, you will get the choice to kill both Ryujin Operatives; you can also save them depending on the decision.

How to start the Juno’s Gambit quest in Starfield

You will start Juno’s Gambit quest in Starfield, randomly at a point when exploring different planets in orbit. However, the most noticeable system that almost guarantees the quest initiation is the Tau Ceti system. You will find this system when exploring the western part of the Alpha Centauri close to the Tau Ceti 3 orbit.

Talk to the Ryujin Operatives

After reaching the Tau Ceti system, you must make your way past the attacking vessel and successfully board your ship onto the system. Furthermore, head inside and talk to the Ryujin Operatives inside whispering to each other about the death of a scientist.

Before taking matters into your own hands, talk to the Ryujin Operatives and reveal the entire story behind the dead scientist. You will soon come to know that the Rogue AI, Juno is somehow responsible for this murder. Hence, they force you to reset Juno’s system to make it a normal system, rather than a scientific AI machine.

Talk to Juno

After talking to Juno, you must take matters into your own hands to decide the real culprit behind the death of the scientist in the room. This will kick start the Juno’s Gambit Mission in Starfield. This is where you will have to decide which party to side with, you can either side with the Ryujin Operatives or Juno. Each decision you make, results in a different ending. Therefore, choose wisely.

All Juno Gambit endings in Starfield

During the Starfield Juno’s Gambit quest, following the quest objective, you must board a “Mysterious Ship.” You will then discover that the ship’s AI has malfunctioned and is reacting weirdly.


To regain control of the ship, you need to get into the system, which can be done by coupling a Control Board. Remember that I will be talking a lot about Juno, so don’t be confused, as this is the name of the AI for the ship.

After starting the conversation with Juno, you will find three options, which are explained in detail below:

Side with the Ryujin Operatives – Bad Ending

Ryujin Operatives are the residents of the ship. In this option, we will explain how you can side with them to complete Juno Gambit. To side with Ryujin Operatives, you first need to make Starfield Juno believe that the ship’s malfunction is due to the AI.

As you already know, every AI has its intellect, which will do everything to remain in control. For that, Juno will do everything to change your mind. When your conversation with Juno got out of hand, Ryujin Operatives would step in.

After that, you will get the option to “Attach the Control Board” during the conversation. By doing so, you will discover that Juno is now shutting down, and everyone will be relieved after hearing that.

By shutting down Starfield Juno, you can complete the quest objective. After that, you need to undock your ship. The quest will then finish once you are on your way back to the planet.

As you flew away from the Mysterious Ship, you would hear that Juno could boot again. Juno was so angry about my decision to shut him down that he killed both Ryujin Operatives, making this a bad ending. Juno’s Gambit mission will now be complete, and you will get 3,500 credits as a reward.

Side with Juno, Kill the Ryujin Operatives – Neutral Ending

As explained already, Juno is the Ship AI in Starfield, and we will explain the mission objective and consequences of siding with Juno. To side with Juno, you need to start a conversation and tell her she is the only person with genuine feelings.

Doing so will make her feel like the person in control. After that, the first thing that she will ask you to do is to kill both Ryujin Operatives. You will again be faced with two choices: let Ryujin Operatives explain themselves. Or you can point-blank fire to kill them.

After killing Ryujin Operatives, you need to start a conversation with Juno. During that, she will tell you that by doing this action, you have made a new friend, Juno. As Juno is still an AI, she will ask you, “What is the purpose of life?.”

You can answer “How you see fit” and return to your ship. After flying away from the ship, you will discover that Juno is going on a journey to Starfield to explore her purpose in life.

In short, if you let Juno live in Starfield, the AI will end up going away into the galaxy to live freely. You can then board your ship and head back to Neon to complete the Juno’s Gambit Mission in Starfield.

Convince the Ryujin Operatives to Leave – Good Ending

I will try to save Juno and Ryujin Operatives from this decision. In doing so, I will explain all the mission objectives and the consequences that come after. To do so, you must complete a prerequisite to join Ryujin Industries Faction.

Like the previous two decisions, you must initiate the conversation with Juno. But the different thing that you need to do here is to make Juno realize we don’t have to go through the change. The change here means attaching the Control Board to disable the Juno.

As you are not disabling the Juno, the AI will ask you to kill Ryujin Operatives like the above decision in Starfield. However, since you are a member of Ryujin Industries, you will get the option to start a conversation with the operatives.

After that, you must convince them that AI has gone rogue about your lives. The only way to your safety is to leave this ship and return home. After that, you need to start the conversation with Juno and tell her that Ryujin Operatives are taken care of.

You can tell Juno that you can have a purpose in life. After undocking your ship, you will then be able to complete the mission. But here, you will have two passengers along with you. Making a pit stop at Noon, Volii System would be best. After dropping the passengers, you will get 4300 Credits as a reward and a good ending.

Starfield Juno’s Gambit bug

Each choice you make results in a different ending during the Juno’s Gambit quest in Starfield. However, siding with the Ryujin Operatives causes a bug to occur. Once you decide to shut down Juno, you will be stuck in an endless screen of the last conversation with Juno.

As of now, the best way to fix this bug is by deciding to kill Ryujin Operatives. Thus, fixing the bug in the process. You must wait for a patch to complete the mission with an alternate ending.

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