How To Get Indicite Wafer In Starfield

Get the Indicite Wafer and use it to craft important mods and upgrades.

Indicite Wafers are used to make various mods or upgrades for spacesuits in Starfield. They are also used in crafting Vytinium Fuel Rods, an item that makes power reactors for outposts. However, their main purpose is to be used in Outposts. It is used for specific outposts that are used to extract various resources.

If you don’t know how to get the Indicite Wafer, don’t worry; I will help you find and craft it.

Where to buy the Indicite Wafer in Starfield?

Some specific vendors sell Indicite Wafers. They won’t have the wafer all the time, so visit them from time to time and wait for it. Sometimes, it can appear after a few back and forth, while you are just left unlucky other times. One Indicite Wafer in Starfield has a value of 243.

Jemison MercantileSpace PortNew Atlantis
Trade AuthorityThe WellNew Atlantis
Apex ElectronicsThe WellNew Atlantis
OutlandCommercial DistrictNew Atlantis
Clint’s CollectiblesGagarinAlpha Centauri
Trade AuthorityCentral HubCydonia
UC SurplusCentral HubCydonia
Clint’s CollectiblesAkilaAkila City
Shepherd’s General StoreThe Key (Crimson Fleet)
Sieghart’s OutfittersNeon CoreLolii Alpha
Zuri’s EssentialsNeon CoreLolii Alpha

Besides buying the Indicite Wafers in Starfield, you can sometimes find them randomly in boxes and loot. They are mostly found in high-level locked storage boxes, so it’s better to aim for them if you want Indicite Wafer.

How to craft Indicite Wafer

Finding Indicite wafers is just part of luck, so collecting materials to craft it yourself is better. To start crafting, find an Industrial Workbench on the ground or a spaceship. Before crafting Indicite Wafers, you need to have level 4 crafting skill. If not, make some random items until you reach skill level 4.

The resources used directly for Indicite wafer are:

  1. Caesium
  2. Indicite
  3. Solvent
  4. Semimetal Wafer

Unfortunately, you must also craft a Semimetal Wafer from Antimony, Gold, and Zero Wire in Starfield. If you don’t have Zero Wire, you can craft it using Copper and Silver. Thus, you need seven resources to craft the Indicite Wafer.

ResourceUsed forAmount
CaesiumDirectly used in crafting Indicite Wafer2
IndiciteDirectly used in crafting Indicite Wafer4
SolventDirectly used in crafting Indicite Wafer2
AntimonyUsed in making Semimetal Wafer2
GoldUsed in making Semimetal Wafer2
CopperUsed in making Zero Wire1
SilverUsed in making Zero Wire1

According to this, you first need to make Zero Wire, then use it for Semimetal Wafer. Lastly, combine the Semimetal Wafer with the other three resources to make Indicite Wafer in Starfield.

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