How To Get Heller’s Cutter In Starfield

heller's Cutter is a unique resource collecting weapon that can be distinguished from its unique orange hue. In this guide, we will travel to Argos to collect this unique weapon in Starfield.

Heller’s Cutter is a resource-collecting weapon in Starfield that uses energy to destroy the mineral deposits. Despite not being an offensive weapon in its nature, Heller’s Cutter can still be used to fight against small aliens only. This unique cutter belongs to Heller and only becomes available after specific events in the game. 

In this guide, we will look at the stats of Heller’s Cutter and how you can find it easily. This is purely a collector’s item and doesn’t provide massive benefits over your default cutter. It also carries the same drawbacks. However, we still recommend finding this unique version of the normal cutter because why not?

Starfield Heller’s Cutter location

Heller’s Cutter can be obtained during a main quest Back to Vectra which takes place on the Narion star system. Once you start the quest, you will pass through a location known as Argos Extractor Mining Post. If you miss the weapon in any case, just back to Vectra and travel to the mining post. Go to the building to the right, pass through two doors and collect it from a weapon case. Heller’s Cutter is unmissable in Starfield and can be collected at any time after the mission.

You can’t collect this weapon before Return to Vectra as it is owned by Heller, and you can’t get it from him.


Heller’s Cutter is the best Cutter weapon in Starfield as it allows you to use the energy beam for much longer time to cut the mineral ores. Following are the stats of Heller’s Cutter in the game. 

  • Type: Ranged weapon 
  • Class: Energy Weapon 
  • Damage Type: Energy 
  • Damage: 4 
  • Ammo Type: Cutter 
  • BPS/FR: 76 
  • Range: 3m 
  • Weight: 4kg 
  • Value: 700 credits 
  • Mod Slots: 0 
  • Accuracy: 77% 

One thing to note here is that you can’t install any mods on Heller’s Cutter in Starfield and once you run out of energy, you need to wait for a few minutes before your weapon cools down. It also doesn’t consume any ammo at all.


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