How To Remove Weapon Mods In Starfield

Weapon mods in Starfield can have both pros and cons so let us show you how you can remove them if you don't like the one on your guns.

Weapon mods in Starfield are additional add-ons for a weapon enhancing the weapon’s stats and capabilities. But they are subjected to the player’s personal preference and the combat scenarios. Not a fan of the long-range scope on your gun? Well, you have the option to remove that Starfield weapon mod. Since no single mod is good in every combat scenario, it makes sense to remove and swap out different mods depending on the situation.

How to remove mods from weapons in Starfield

Removing the weapon mods in Starfield is pretty much simple. You just have to locate a weapon workbench nearby. You can find one easily either at an Outpost or The Lodge on New Atlantis. Similar to the adding process of a mod, to remove it you need to scroll and select your desired weapon from the inventory list of the workbench.

After selecting the weapon, move over to the mod you want to remove or replace. If you want to remove the mod then select No Mod from the options. If you are interested in replacing it then you just need to pick one of your choice.

One important thing to note here is the conditional usage of the removed mod again. If you want to add the removed mod back to the weapon, you need to craft it and spend some resources. So make sure you don’t remove a mod without thinking it through. You won’t get the resources back and might end up wasting a lot.

In case you lack the crafting skills for the mod you just removed, you will not be able to add the removed mod back to the weapon until you upgrade your skills.

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