How To Remove Outposts In Starfield

If you have reached your max Outpost limit in Starfield, you will need to know how to remove outposts to build new ones.

Creating outposts in Starfield is a basic necessity, as you will need to settle down. Starfield allows players only to create 8 outposts at a time. If you already have 8 outposts built, you cannot build a new outpost until you remove one of the old outposts in Starfield. However, the process of removing outposts isn’t really explained in the game.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can remove outposts that you have already build in the game.

How to remove an outpost in Starfield?

Starfield remove outpost

Now, to remove all other structures, you need to enter the edit menu at the outpost beacon. There, you can remove any of your built structures by holding the designated button deleted button (X on Xbox and R on PC) while the object is in your crosshairs. Outpost links are deleted similarly. You cannot remove your outpost beacon by entering the edit menu, as it requires a different approach.  

To delete an Outpost beacon to remove an Outpost from a planet, approach the side panel of your Outpost beacon; you will get the options to Build and Rename. Under rename, you will see the option for Remove Outpost in Starfield. Just hold the Rename button, and the outpost will be deleted.

The simplest way to do this is by heading to the menu and pressing the R-key/left bumper on the PC/Xbox. After your outpost has been removed, all the resources you invested in its construction will be refunded back to you, every other structure that’s removed from your outpost will do the same.

Furthermore, all your crew members assigned to the outpost will be unassigned. They will be free to be sent to your other outposts or the new outpost you want to establish. Now that you have removed one of your outposts, you are free to build a new outpost on a better planet.

How to make more outposts in Starfield?

Having more than one Outpost in Starfield can prove very beneficial, especially if you want to set up a robust material acquisition pipeline across the many planets within the game. Initially, there is an outpost limit in Starfield, which you must keep in mind while building an outpost.

You are allowed to build up to 8 max outposts in Starfield. However, you can increase it by acquiring the Planetary Habitation skill in the Science Skill tree. The maximum rank allows you to build up to 16 Outposts. Each tier also increases the types of planets you can build Outposts on.

The Planetary Habitation is a master science skill and cannot be acquired outright. You must complete 4 separate requirements to gain the maximum benefit of this skill. To build an outpost beacon, you will require 3 Copper, 22 Aluminum, 2 Beryllium, 4 Nickel, 10 iron, 4 Lead, 7 Tungsten, 6 Sealant, and 4 Lubricant.  

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