How To Remove Outposts In Starfield

If you have reached your max Outpost limit in Starfield, you will need to know how to remove outposts to build new ones.

Creating outposts in Starfield is a basic necessity, but you can’t just go around all the planets creating as many outposts as you want. Starfield allows players to only create 8 outposts at a time. If you already have 8 outposts built, you cannot build a new outpost until you remove one of the old outposts in Starfield. However, the process of removing outposts isn’t really explained in the game and that is where we come in.

How to remove or delete Outposts in Starfield

As you know, outposts are created by first placing an outpost beacon from your hand scanner. These beacons are the center of your outpost and are used to edit your outpost in any way you want to. Now to remove all other structures, you need to enter the edit menu at the outpost beacon. There, you can remove the said structure by holding the designated button, but you cannot remove your outpost beacon by entering the edit menu.

As you approach the side panel of your outpost beacon, you will get options of Build and Rename. Under rename, you will see the option for Remove Outpost in Starfield. Just hold the Rename button and the outpost will be deleted.

Starfield remove outpost

After your outpost has been removed, you will get all the raw materials you invested in outpost buildings like power sources. All your crew members who had been assigned to the outpost that you are demolishing will be unassigned, free to be sent to your other outposts, or the new outpost you want to establish.

Now that you have removed one of your outposts, you are free to build a new outpost on a better planet.

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