Starfield Faction Item IDs (Complete List)

Have a got a business with a Faction that needs to be taken care effortlessly? Use the Faction Item IDs in Starfield and be on your way.

Factions are a big part of Starfield’s Universe. Throughout your journey, you are going to be joining factions in Starfield and taking part in their respective storylines. You, however, might want to take the easy way out by using Starfield console commands and cheats.

These commands are nothing without Faction Item IDs and if you are looking for a list then we have got your back, converting every Faction in Starfield. If you want more than just the IDs for the factions, you can check out All Items IDs in Starfield as well.

How to use Faction IDs in Starfield

Before moving on to how you can use the Faction ID, we need to figure out how to use any command in Starfield. The process is simple.

As the name suggests it is a console command, you will need to open the console to enter it. That you can do by pressing the Tilde (~) Key on the keyboard and voila! You will have access to the Console.

At times, you could get into trouble with a faction, and you would have a bounty placed on your head. If you want to play the game while looking over your shoulder all the time, you do you. If you want it to be taken care of, you will have to pay the bounty. Here is how you you do it:

player.paycrimegold 0 0 [FactionID]

Replace the “[FactionID]” with the faction you want the bounties for cleared off. A simple command will do the trick.

Your bounty will be cleared. No one will hunt you any more to put you in jail. Lastly, if you have stolen anything, you will get to keep it.

Complete list of all Faction IDs in Starfield

Faction NameFaction ID
Crimson Fleet00010B30
Freestar Collective000638E5
Freestar Rangers00096529
House Va’ruun002758C5
Red Mile 002B209D
Neon / Ryujin Industries0017CF8D
Trade Authority0022E53D
United Colonies0005BD93
Xenofresh Corporation0022892D

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