What To Do With The Earth Savior Award In Starfield

Should you give the Earth Savior Award to Naeve or sell it later?

You can get the Earth Savior Award in Starfield during a particular quest from the Crimson Fleet questline. If you are a member of this faction, you can get this award, but if you are not, you can join it later or infiltrate it and complete the quests.

The quest you must undergo to get this award is Breaking the Bank. In this quest, Naeva will task you with stealing the Earth Savior Award.

The award is on a large luxury ship, Siren of the Stars. Once you board this ship, you can talk to different NPC characters, including Evgeny Rokov, but don’t mention the information about Naeva or the award.

This is a pretty straightforward objective, and once you acquire the Earth Savior Award, you will have a lot of choices to make. I will be guiding you with the outcome of each of those choices.

How to get the ES Award in Starfield

The Earth Savior award is inside a safe at the Purser’s Office in the Siren of Stars. This luxury spaceship can be located near Planet Aranae, which is in the Aranae System. Once you board this ship successfully, you need an ID Card to get into that specific office holding the award. You can easily get it by speaking to a woman called Holbrooke.

You must use your persuasion skills to make her give you the ID Card. After that, enter the office and use that ID card to unlock the safe. However, ensure not to alert the guards. Now that the ES Award is in your possession, you can return to your ship in Starfield.

What happens if you steal The Earth Savior Award?

If you steal the Earth Savior award in Starfield, then nothing happens; instead, if you play your card right, you can earn a lot of credits. However, you must be careful and ensure that you do not alert the guards or kill anyone. In short, there is no downside to stealing the ES award.

Should you give the ES Award to Naeva?

This will be your main choice since Naeva tasked you to steal the Earth Savior Award. In my opinion, you should keep it for yourself and not give the award to Naeva in Starfield, as this will increase your profit and earn you more credits.

Once the quest’s events are completed, you can meet with Naeva at The Key and lie to her about not stealing the ES Award. She won’t be too pleased about not getting what she asked of you. This won’t affect your character relation with her, but you will lose some extra credits and XP that Naeva might have given you.

Give Naeva the Earth Savior Award

On the other hand, if you are not interested in selling the Earth Savior Award and want to earn her respect, you can give it to Naeva. This will save you from the trouble of selling the award, and you will get a decent reward for Credits and XP for completing her task.

If you decide to hand over the Earth Savior Award to Naeva, you will get 6000 Credits. This also depends on the optional scenario of whether you told Evgeny Rokov about the award because he will want his cut. In that case, your reward will be cut short to 3000 Credits in Starfield.

Where to sell the Earth Savior Award in Starfield

If you have kept the ES Award, you have probably implored the smart move to earn more by selling it at the right time. There is only one downside to keeping the Earth Savior Award and not giving it to Naeva. If you plan on continuing the Crimson Fleet questline, you will notice some deduction to your credits at the end of your ongoing mission/ quests.

However, the right opportunity will drop when you complete some missions and visit the Trade Authority vendor at The Key.

You can sell him the Earth Savior Award, which will net you 8,000 to 9.000 Credits in Starfield. Moreover, you can earn a little higher if you have leveled up your skills.

If you cannot get a good price on the Earth Savior Award or cannot sell it, then you should invest your time in completing more quests related to the Crimson Fleet. Then you can try again, and hopefully, the Earth Savior Award will fetch you a good price.

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