How To Use Bogdanov Boutique Liquor In Starfield

Get the Bogdanov Boutique Liquor earlier to earn extra Credits.

Bogdanov Boutique Liquor is an item in Starfield that you will find while exploring the Grissom Moon. After finding this item, most players don’t know where they should use it. You don’t have to worry; I will guide you on when and where to use it.

If you know its use but don’t know where to find it, continue reading, as I will also cover that.

Where to use the Bogdanov boutique Liquor in Starfield?

The Bogdanov Boutique Liquor is a quest item for the Sure Bet quest related to Lizzy Ajello on planet Gagarin. This quest requires players to find the Luxury Booze, aka Bogdanov Boutique Liquor.

After finding it, you must find Lizzy Ajello and give it to her to complete the quest. To find her, go to the Gagarin planet in the Alpha Centauri system. Land in the Gagarin Landing city, a mining town, and look for a bar called The Bleeding Edge.

Talk to the Bartender, Lizzy Ajello. After a while, she’ll tell you about her stolen booze and ask you to go to the ship and find that luxury booze for her.

If you already have it, give it to her and get your reward. It is best to pick up the item before talking to her and getting the quest. This way, you get 15.5k Credits; otherwise, the prize is lower to anywhere between 7.5k to 12k.

How to find the Bogdanov Boutique

To find Bogdanov Boutique Liquor, go to the Alpha Centauri system and focus on the Grissom Moon. Near it, you’ll find a Deimos Armored Transport spaceship with a vault inside where you will find the quest item.

You need to dock on this ship in Starfield to access it. Once you enter, ensure you are armed, as some enemies are on board. Enter the first area and keep following the path as it goes down until you see two doors.

One is locked, so take the left one. Go inside and move along the area until you reach another set of stairs going up. Here, take the elevator to the far left corner. Open the hatch above and jump up. Wait for the ship to lose gravity so you can reach the top door.

Through the top door, go to the far right, open the door, and go down the stairs. Keep going until you reach a room full of computers. Go right from here and see a rotating machine in Starfield, wait for it to stop, and cross it to the other side.

Go all the way down to reach the computer facing the door you need to open. Interact with it to open the required door to get the item.

Now, go back to the starting point where there were two doors. Go through the right door and wait for the zero gravity to act up so you can reach the top point. Here, you’ll see three doors. The ones on the left and right are locked, but the middle one is not. Open the middle door and access the crate to get the Bogdanov Boutique Liquor and other items in Starfield.

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