How To Fast Travel In Starfield

Fast Travel in Starfield plays a vital role as it allows you to jump from one planet to the next instantly.

Starfield focuses on a vast space and infinite planets, and you have the whole galaxy to explore. This ginormous scale of the world map with several worlds in Starfield requires some travel assistance including Fast Travels. So, this guide would try its best to help you out so you can Fast Travel in Starfield.

How to fast travel in Starfield

Depending on where the player is, there are two ways to use fast travel.

The first way to do this involves being outdoors, which is a short-range travel. While on a planet with boots on the ground you can summon your spaceship and travel to it, for instance – thus the short range. This is done via the in-game player’s scanner.

The other way to do Fast Travel in Starfield can be done pretty much anywhere and it is on a much longer range. Starfield relies on exploration, so we highly recommend manual movement. You’ll be equipped with at least two maps – the Surface map which would allow you to teleport from one point to another on the same planet. And secondly, the Star map which would allow you to teleport from one planet to another without relying on manual movement using your spaceship.

Fast Travel using the scanner

To use the scanner way of fast travel in Starfield, players need to bring up their Scanner using the assigned hotkey (default F on keyboard). Remember, for this method, you need to be in a zone that is not considered an interior like the inside of a building. Once you bring up the Scanner HUD you’ll notice several options at the bottom of the HUD.

Those options are Points of Interest and the player’s personal ship. If you look at one of them with your scanner, if it is a place you can fast travel to then the option will appear on your HUD.


Using a map

To use the best mode of fast travel – the map way of traveling in Starfield utilizes a “Star map”. This is best used to travel long distances from planet to planet across the Galaxy. Back when using the scanner, the players have the option to select the “Surface Map”.

Starfield Fast Travel

This brings out the map of the planet’s surface and the player can instantly fast travel to any region they have visited before in Starfield including the Player’s spaceship. Once the players zoom out of the map, they can also fast-travel to different planets in Starfield.

As usual access the solar system map by pressing the (M key/ button). Go to the left corner and then press the (Tab key/ button) next. This way you will be able to zoom out on the solar system and have a clear representation of all the planets before you on the map in Starfield.

Now you can simply hover the cursor on the planet and then enter planet view to see the fast travel point on that specific planet. Then you can set a course to reach that required destination on that planet and do this operation by pressing the (X key/ button) for a few seconds to fast travel in Starfield.

Players can also fast-travel to planets in a different solar system with the use of the grav drive on their ship. However, how far they can fast travel in that situation depends on the fuel capacity of their ship.

Restrictions that limit fast travel in Starfield

Although the Fast Travel feature is handy to use in Starfield, you will face some restrictions as well which may prevent you from using it.

These restrictions will include that firstly your ship needs to be “undocked” to access this feature. So if it is not out in the open and docked at a space station then you will not be able to use Fast Travel in Starfield.

Secondly, there are some details present in the game like your weight limit that you need to keep in check. If you are carrying too much and are encumbered, you cannot fast travel anywhere. Consider giving some of your inventory to companions.

Lastly, you need to keep in mind that the fast travel feature works only when you are out in the open and not fighting an enemy. If you don’t fulfill these conditions then you will definitely face restrictions that will result in you not being able to fast travel even to your ship in Starfield.

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