Starfield Spacesuit Workbench Locations

At Speacsuit Workbench in Starfield, you can craft items related to the Spacesuit, Helmet, and packs.

The Spacesuit Workbench in Starfield is one of the three workbenches you will find while completing missions or exploring different planets. You will use it to craft and level up your Spacesuits. Moreover, as you progress further into the campaign missions of Starfield, you will need better armor and spacesuits to deal with the threats ahead.

For that, you can always use the Spacesuit Workbenches to craft mods that unlock and level up your items, e.g., spacesuit, helmet, pack. If you are having trouble finding these, then worry not, as I will explain where you can find Spacesuit Workbenches in Starfield.

Spacesuit Workbench locations in Starfield

Looking closely, you can observe that this specific workbench has a blue mat behind it, making it easier to spot. Moreover, a large machine on the left side looks more like a sewing machine, and a roller on the right end of the Spacesuit Workbench.

You can find Spacesuit Workbench at the following locations.

1. The Lodge’s Basement

If you are looking for Workbenches, you can find these easily at one destination: the Lodge’s Basement in Starfield. You must first enter the Alpha Centauri system and head directly for Planet Jemison to get here.

After you reach the Lodge building, enter it and head right to get to the Basement area. You can easily spot the Spacesuit Workbench towards the right side.

2. Abandoned Weapons Station

Similarly, you can also find the Spacesuit Workbench at the Abandoned Weapons Station. To get here, you must head over to the Sol System and visit the Planet Venus to get to this particular area in Starfield.

After reaching the Abandoned Weapon Stations, you can spot the Spacesuit Workbench there, so go over to it and interact with it if you want to craft a specific item in Starfield.

3. Nova Galactic Staryard

If you are in the Sol System, you can visit another planet, Luna, in Starfield. Here, you can select the marker to reach the area of Nova Galactic Staryard. Upon reaching this place, you can explore until you finally come across the Spacesuit Workbench.

4. Spacesuit Workbench Modules on your Ship

If you are tired of running around in pursuit of the Spacesuit workbenches, you can also add a Workshop module to your spaceship. You will need to spend some credits for that, and after you add the module changes to your ship, you can also access the Spacesuit Workbench.

5. Spacesuit Workbench at your Outposts

In order to build a Workbench at any of your Outposts in Starfield, you can use your scanner to interact with Outpost mode. Next, you can practically use components like Cosmetic, Fiber, and Aluminum to build an operational Spacesuit Workbench at your Outpost.

Moreover, if your Outpost area comprises Research Stations, then you can use this opportunity to add Spacesuit Workbenches there as well. This way, you can work on completing those research projects and unlock the spacesuit mods. These can be used while crafting items on your Spacesuit Workbench.

What to do at Spacesuit Workbenches?

Spacesuit Workbenches function similarly to other workbenches you will find in Starfield in crafting items. However, in the case of a Spacesuit Workbench, you will be more focused on crafting items related to your Spacesuit, Helmet, and Packs.

You must spend some credit upgrading all the mods related to your Spacesuits in Starfield. Apart from crafting, you can use different crafting recipes by completing research projects.

You can apply different mods on your Starfield Spacesuit by accessing different slots. You will get at least four slots when crafting either of these items at the Spacesuit Workbenches.

Apart from this, you can also spend time completing different research projects during your playthrough in Starfield. By completing these, you can get options while crafting high-tier Spacesuit, Helmets, etc., at your Spacesuit Workbenches.

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