How to Get Star Fist In Elden Ring

You can obtain Star Fist in Elden ring in Leyndell, The Royal Capital near West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

Elden Ring has a variety of weapons, which you can choose according to the game situations you are facing. Among these, Fist Weapons are the most close-range oriented armaments. Star Fist, in fact, is a Fist that comes in handy when the enemy has huge health reserves and the encounter is happening up close. If used correctly, a few hits from this spiked weapon can make any boss come to his senses.

As an ARPG, the game revolves mostly around combat scenarios and ensures that an extensive selection of equipment and weapons is there for every type of player. With this concept in mind, the developers have introduced fists for those players who like to see in the eyes of their opponent while sucking the life out of him through their punches.

Star Fist will be introduced when you have fairly progressed in the game and need to upgrade from early-game weapons.

Keep reading this guide to know where to find Star Fist and how this amazing weapon works in Elden Ring.

Star Fist Location in Elden Ring

You can get your hands on Star Fist by looting a soldier’s body in the last opening of the huge building in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

For reaching this building in Leyndell, you can fast-travel to the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace and keep walking a straight path that leads to the upper ground. As you see the large Colosseum-like building, you should start heading to the leftmost part by running beside the building. The corpse/ body will be lying in the darkroom of the last opening.

What does the Star Fist do in Elden Ring?

The Star Fist comes with a higher strength requirement and a quite harder hit power. By default, it comes with the Endure Ash of War, though you can infuse or change Ashes as you please. It scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity stats.

The Endure ability boosts your poise while striking an enemy with the pummeling attack and reduces incoming damage. When this skill is active, you are less likely to be staggered by enemy hits. This way, Star Fist comes in handy against tougher enemies like bosses having a habit of performing continual attacks in a row.

Performing physical attacks from Star Fist causes blood loss to build up. Once the meter is completely filled up, it will cause Hemorrhage to the opponent, inflicting damage according to its HP.

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