Splatoon 2 Inkblot Art Academy Map Tips and Strategies

These Splatoon 2 Inkblot Art Academy Map Tips and Strategies will help you learn all about the Inkblot Art Academy, its key locations, & recommended weapons to use on the map.

A little map knowledge goes a long way in Splatoon 2; with proper positioning around the map, you’ll be able to understand where to put yourself depending on your current situation and what-not.

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Splatoon 2 Inkblot Art Academy Map Tips and Strategies

In our Inkblot Art Academy Map Tips and Strategy Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Inkblot Art Academy, its key locations, & recommended weapons to use on the map.

In the Inkblot Art Academy, the tower in the central plaza is usually a hot zone. However, don’t forget about some side-alleys & parks on the periphery. Moreover, look out players on elevated positions & ramps, as you can’t ink them.

Recommended Weapons

Splat Charger
Since long-ranged weapons work incredibly well on this map, you should definitely use Splat Charger for its decent range & accuracy. Moreover, you can also use the Sting Ray to pick off enemies behind cover.

Splattershot Jr.
While it doesn’t possess the range of Splat Charger, it’s incredibly effective for short-to-mid range engagements. You can also toss the Splat Bombs from elevated positions to rack up some easy kills.

This is a popular choice on Inkblot Art Academy because of Splashdown. Use it from elevated positions on the map.

Jumps & Spots

Central Tower
This place is usually a hotzone. When on this vantage point, you can use any weapon but the charged weapons work the best. You also need to protect your flanks using Ink Mines. Lastly, try to use Splashdown & Tenta Missiles every opportunity you get.

Peripheral Parks on this map see little to no action that is why you should always consider inking them in Turf War.

In addition to this, you should also consider heading to Central Tower via these parks in order to avoid getting fired at.

Sculpture Perch
You need to try to head to the very top of the sculpture & start spreading ink all around the area. You can use mid-to-long range weapons while trying to hold the area.

However, you’re not 100% safe while on sitting on the top. Do note that the ramp on the right-hand side can’t be inked & you should waste no time in retreating when receiving fire.

Ranked Battle Terrain

Splat Zones
You can find the Splat Zone in the middle of the stage, the display case and the ground level, both count as Splat Zones. You can get to this area faster by using the inkable block found in the lower part of the map; quite convenient, actually.

Tower Control
Found in the center of the stage, where the display case usually was in the normal mode. Two inkable blocks have also been added to the center of the stage so you can get some cover, along with a vantage point.

Ramps have also been added to gain access to the center a lot more easily. A block has also been added which allows a path to the enemy team’s statue, and another to the left whilst going up the building.


You can find the first checkpoint between the wall right in front of the unsinkable ramp and the new block (The one we mentioned under the Splat Zones heading).

The second one is found in the opposing team’s statue lot.

The third one is found before the ramp leading to the goal.

Found at the center of the stage instead of the display case. You can find the goal in the parking lot right in front of the opposing team’s spawn point.

Most of the things present in Tower Control are here as well, only the additional block allowing access to the enemy team’s statue is removed; although, another inkable wall is added by the ramp.

Clam Blitz
Most of the ramps providing easy access to the enemy team are removed in this, however, much of the else is the same. The platform allowing a path to the statue has been extended.

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