Splatoon 2 Humpback Pump Track Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Our Splatoon 2 Humpback Pump Track Map Tips and Strategy Guide will help you learn all about the Humpback Pump Track, its key locations, & recommended weapons to use on the map.

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Splatoon 2 Humpback Pump Track Map Tips and Strategy

The Humpback Pump Track has a hill in the center of the map that is usually contested. When trying to approach this hill, look for an unexpected route. In game modes like Turf War, having the control of this hill is incredibly important.

Recommended Weapons

Aerospray MG
This is a good weapon to use for short-to-mid range skirmishes & for ink coverage.

The Blaster is one of the most efficient ways of controlling of the hill without getting caught. Aim it upwards & ink the hill.

Curling Bomb
Since there are many ramps on the map, you can use Curling Bomb in order to kill unsuspecting targets.

Humpback Pump Track Jumps & Spots

Spawn Points
The areas surrounding the spawn points is fairly large & you should always consider inking the area in Turf War matches.

In addition to this, the area can be considered a safe zone because of walls that can’t be inked. While in this area, you should easily be able to hit the players at the center without getting flanked. However, do note that bombs can still hit you.

Side Areas
Since a majority of the action takes place at the center, you need to pay attention to the flanking paths in order to reach the hill.

You can use these sideway paths in order to head to the hill without getting fired at. In addition to this, try to use a roller-based weapon to ink the pathways in Turf War matches.

Usually, the players stationed on the hill tend to focus on the direction of the opposing’s team spawn point & ignore the side pathways.

You should easily be able to find elevated perches along the outer pathways that provide a good look at the map’s center.

From these perches, you should easily be able to target enemies trying to take control of the hill using a decent mid-to-long range weapon. However, do note that the area usually has a lot of traffic, therefore, always protect your flanks.

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