How to Defeat Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2

In Souls Hacker 2, the psyche of every party member is represented as an explorable dungeon. You can explore these dungeons, but they are not at all friendly. Herald Melchizedek is the first boss you encounter in Milady’s Soul Matrix. This guide will assist you in identifying how to defeat Melchizedek effortlessly in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Defeat Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2

Herald Melchizedek isn’t a tough boss if you have a well-planned strategy. When you enter the battlefield to take on Melchizedek, make sure that you have either Sukukaja or Sukunda abilities. You should have both ideally, but even if you only have one, you’ll be fine.

The aforementioned abilities will make the fight a breeze. When the battle begins, it is best to cast Sukukaja and Sukunda right away to avoid struggling in the fight.

Sukukaja increases the dodge chance of all allies for three turns as well as improving their aim, while Sukunda reduces the enemy’s dodge chance and aim for three turns.

Therefore, having both of these abilities simultaneously will significantly increase your damage potential and make the boss miss most of its attacks. This should suffice for the defense.

Moving on to the offensive, keep in mind that Melchizedek is vulnerable to electricity and shot damage, so use them to finish him off.


In this regard, if you go with Ringo and Milady, you should use demons with single or multi-target electricity abilities. However, if you choose Arrow and Saizo, you can go with anything you want.

When you deplete 10-15% of Melchizedek’s health bar, it will summon a divine angel who will cast Sukukaja on both itself and Melchizedek. This will make most of the player panic so here, you need to hold your nerves and keep the offense on Herald Melchizedek running.

Whatever you do, don’t attack the divine angel because it’s a waste of time; as soon as you kill it, Melchizedek will call forth another one right away.

As for the rest, it won’t be long before Herald Melchizedek falls, so keep attacking and it’ll be over in a few turns.

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