Sons Of The Forest Virginia Clothes And Outfits

When you first meet Virginia, she is wearing a white swimsuit, but you can find three different outfits for her in Sons of the Forest...

Virginia is the three-legged woman you meet in the forest and befriend. When you first meet Virginia, she is wearing a white swimsuit, which is more than OK, but some players might want her to change to something else. Don’t worry; you have three Sons of the Forest Virginia Outfits that you can give her.

This guide will help you find all three outfits currently available in Sons of the Forest and how to get Virginia to equip them.

Where to find Sons of the Forest Virginia outfits

Virginia has a total of three outfits available to equip, and all of these are hidden across the island. Following are all the known locations of all of Virginia’s clothes in Sons of the Forest.

Dress location

Sons of the Forest Virginia Dress location

Yes, the first outfit is a dress. The dress is found in the northern area of the island. Head to the location shown in the picture and enter the cave in the northwest corner of the map.

The cave leads into an underground facility where you find Virginia’s dress. You also need to get the VIP Keycard to get the dress.

Inside the facility, follow the path across the server rooms. At the end of the path, turn into the corridor to your left and follow the path across the flooded area. As you make your way across the flooded area, cross the flooded server rooms and then look to the left when you are crossing the flooded corridor into the computer room, where you can find the VIP Keycard.

Once you have the keycard, follow the corridor to the double door, which the VIP Keycard unlocks. One of the three outfits in Sons of the Forest is a Dress neatly folded on a sofa in the VIP Dining Room.

Camo Suit location

Sons of the Forest Camo suit location

The Camo Suit is found in the open. Head to the location where you start the game in Normal mode. It is on the beach where the helicopter crashes if you don’t know where it is, follow the map above to the beach.

You simply run along the beach from the starting location until you find a washed-up canoe. Inside the canoe is the Camo Suit outfit for Virginia for you to take.

Track Suit location

Sons of the Forest Virginia Track Suit location

You can find the track Suit for Virginia inside a Gym in Sons of the Forest. The Gym is inside a bunker that you can find in the northeastern region of the map, and it’s pretty close to the bunker containing the dress.

Inside the cave, follow the path until you get to the computer room. From here, turn left and head on until you reach the fork. From here, turn right and enter the room, unlocking it using the Maintenance Keycard.

The door leads directly to the Gym Room. Inside the Gym, turn left near the purple-colored wall and search the equipment room to find the Track Suit.

How to change Virginia’s clothes

Now that we have the three outfits, we need to know how to get her to change her outfits.

Before you can start hanging her outfits, you need to befriend Virginia. Briefly, you need to approach Virginia without any weapon equipped. She will run away but keep on trying to get close. Soon, Virginia will come to you herself, bringing small gifts. After that, she will start following you, and that’s when you can interact with her freely.

Once you get her comfortable, approach Virginia and press E to open her inventor. Here you can move the outfits you have for Virginia into her inventory. Whatever clothes you put into Virginia’s inventory, she will wear them. As a result, you can only put one outfit at a time in her inventory. You can also put a GPS Locator in her inventory to keep track of her.

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