Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues Locations Guide

Where to find all Zinyak Statues in Saints Row 4 to complete Kinzie side quest to destroy the statues.

Like just about every single game on the market these days, Saints Row 4 has its own set of collectible items that you can search for. It a perfect use of the time of the President of the United States since there’s nothing serious going on at the moment like, say, an alien invasion or anything.

Oh wait.

Jokes aside though, this is a challenge that you receive from Kinzie. She asks you to find 36 Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues and destroy them. The statues are pretty ugly, just like the aliens themselves so there will be little pain involved for you in smashing them.

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When you destroy a statue it counts as a collectible, so this action will add towards your total collectibles count. They’re scattered throughout the virtual city of Steelport, but many of them are found in and around the store called Planet Zin.

You can use our map to find the Zinyak Statues and again, you’ll notice that a lot of them are near Planet Zin stores, however, a lot of them are also found on top of buildings, bridges and Telecommunications towers.

Click the image to open the map in a new window!

Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues

A lot of these places can’t be accessed until you obtain and upgrade the Super Jump superpower. If you don’t want to use the map to find the statues, then you can free Matt and complete his ‘The Pledge’ side quest.

This quest will reveal all statues and other kinds of collectibles in the game.

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