Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Locations Guide – How To Delete

Where to find all the flashpoints in Saints Row 4 and how to delete them in the game.

The President takes the law into his own two hands in Saints Row 4, and then smashes it into the collective face of the Zin alien race. Then he choke-slams them onto the pavement and for good measure, he teabags them too.

He pretty much does this every time he find a Saints Row 4 Flashpoint, which are important areas of control in Steelport city that are populated by many aliens.

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Deleting a Flashpoint is quite similar to how you take over a hotspot, except there are no generators to destroy and no control panel to abuse.

When you find a Flashpoint, all you do is start curb stomping bad guys until nobody is moving anymore.

There are a total of 32 flashpoints in the game and unfortunately they don’t appear on the map until you find them. As such we’ve compiled this guide to help you find them.

You can check out this map below for information on the locations of the flashpoints (Click the map to open it in a new window):

Saints Row 4 Flashpoints

When you engage upon the enemies in a Flashpoint, look for the marked alien targets and focus them down.

Your notoriety will probably go up during the battle so you’ll most likely attract unwanted attention from the police. After killing the marked targets, the flashpoint will be deleted and the area comes under your control.

Keep in mind however, that occasionally when you take down the marked targets, the Zins send down a Warden. A warden is an extremely tough Zinyak unit that can go toe to toe with you and later on in the game even come with shields on them.

If you encounter a Shielded Warden you will not be able to damage it unless you disable the shield using a special power you unlock later in the game. Once the shield is down, treat it like any other warden and go to town on it.

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