Rust 100% Unraidable Base Design Guide – How To Build

Know how to build 100 percent unraidable base in Rust to secure yourself from potential raiders.

Selecting an area for your Base can prove to be very tricky at times. Ideally, you should consider an area which is not too visible or hidden. Furthermore, avoid building your base on mountain areas since you can get raided very easily.

Anyway, whatever you choose; you will need tons of Wood; therefore, prepare ahead! Once you have gained enough Wood, you can start off by building your Foundation. It costs 80 Wood and the size solely depends upon Wood at your disposal.

Once you’re done with the Foundation, you need to add Pillars and Walls. For a Foundation of size 1 x 1, you will need four Pillars and three Walls. Each Wall requires you to have four Planks, which is equivalent to 10 Wood per Plank.

Place Walls on all sides of your Base except on the side in which you want to expand. After placing the Walls, you need to add a Door.

Doors can either be wooden or Metallic, depending on your preference.

I would highly recommend going for the Metallic ones since they cannot be destroyed by melee attackers and require a lot of firepower to go down. Furthermore, note that your door should be placed in the direction in which you want to expand your Base.


After you are done with everything mentioned above, you will be left only with the Ceiling which can be created with six Wooden Planks.

Now, if you want to have more than the Ground Floor, you can also add stairs for five Planks. You can add Windows, Doorways, and have multiple floors on a Base.

However, Raiders can use a ravel to get inside your Base through Windows. For more help on Rust, read our Crafting Recipes, Buildings and Blueprints Guide.

Decay Period
The Decay Period of different parts of your Base is:

  • Craftable Shelter = 12 Hours
  • Wooden Structures = 24 Hours
  • Metal Structures = 96 Hours

After this period is over, the different structures in your Base will start decaying. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to place the related material (Wood/Metal) in your Hotbar.

Once you have placed the materials in the Hotbar, press the Inventory Slot number while looking at the structure you wish to stop from decaying. For example, if I wish to repair a Metallic Door and Metal is allotted to Slot #3 in my Hotbar, I will point at the door and press 3.

Need any further help, comment below and we will get back to you!

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