Rust Crafting Recipes Guide – Metal Fragments and How To Craft

List of Rust Crafting Recipes, how to craft metal fragments, how to gather resources and survive in Rust game.

Basic crafting in Rust requires you to have the proper ingredients necessary to make the item in your inventory. You can check recipes that you currently have in the crafting window to see what ingredients you need.

You can then access the crafting screen and select the item you wish to craft.

You are also given the option to select how many of those items you would like to craft. After you begin crafting the item, a timer will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the crafting screen indicating the amount of time it will take to finish crafting those items.

Some items require that you obtain blueprints in order to craft them.

Blueprints may be found on the bodies of slain NPC characters or loot boxes. Upon obtaining the blueprint and using it, the recipe will show up on the right side of the crafting screen. Recipes that you have researched with blueprints will stay with you even after death.

For more help on Rust, read our Blueprint Recipes and Building Objects Guide.


Rust Crafting Recipes and Metal Fragments

Sulfur and metal fragments are key components to crafting as they are required to make gunpowder and weapons.

To gather these metal fragments and sulphur, you need to get the metal and sulfur ore. To harvest these ores, you need to go up to a mineral rock and keep hitting it with your hatchet until it disappears.

Once you’ve got your ores find or make a furnace and place the ores in the furnace along with wood (Campfires no longer melt ores). Over time you will get metal fragments and sulfur from the ores.

Metal Fragments
Metal fragments can be obtained by different ways:

  • Drops from the sky
  • Crafting
  • Zombies
  • Crates at Radiation Zones

To craft metal fragments you need both fuel and metal ore. Place them both inside a furnace. Ignite the furnace and the ores will slowly start to turn into metal fragments. The yield per metal ore is between 3-8 metal fragments with an average of 5.5 metal fragments. Metal fragments can then be used to craft items for survival.

Metal Fragments Crafting
Metal fragments can be crafted into:

  • Low Quality Metal
  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • F1 Grenade
  • Metal Door
  • Metal Window Bars

Low Quality Metal
Low Quality Metal is crafted from 15 Metal Fragments. It is used for crafting and sensitive Parts.

Rust Crafting Recipes

Name Requirements to Craft  Researchable? 
556 Ammo 2 Metal Fragments & 5 Gunpowder Yes
9mm Ammo 1 Metal Fragments & 3 Gunpowder No
9mm Pistol 5 Low Quality Metal No
Arrow 1 Stone & 4 Wood No
Bandage 2 Cloth No
Bolt Action Rifle 50 wood, 30 low quality metal, 20 leather No
Camp Fire 5 Wood No
Cloth Boots 3 Cloth No
Cloth Helmet 5 Cloth No
Cloth Pants 8 Cloth No
Cloth Vest 10 Cloth No
Explosive Charges 15 Explosives & 1 Flare No
F1 Grenade 80 Gunpowder and 25 Metal Fragments Yes
Flare 8 Metal Fragments & 8 Gunpowder Yes
Flashlight Mod 5 Low Quality Metal Yes
Furnace 15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Quality Fuel No
Gunpowder No
Hand Cannon 20 Wood & 20 Metal Fragments No
Handmade Shell 1 Stones & 5 Gunpowder No
Hatchet Melee 10 Metal Fragments, 20 Wood No
Holo sight 5 Low Quality Metal Yes
Hunting Bow 35 Wood & 5 Cloth No
Kevlar Boots 40 Metal Fragments Yes
Kevlar Helmet 70 Metal Fragments Yes
Kevlar Pants 4 Low Quality Metal & 4 Leather Yes
Kevlar Vest 50 Metal Fragments Yes
Large Medkit 3 Cloth & 3 Blood Bags Has to be researched
Small Medkit 2 Cloth & 2 Blood Bags Has to be researched
Large Spike Wall 200 Wood No
Large Wood Storage 60 Wood Yes
Laser Sight 5 Low Quality Metal Has to be researched
Leather Boots 4 Leather Yes
Leather Helmet 7 Leather Yes
Leather Pants 12 Leather Yes
Leather Vest 15 Leather Yes
M4 25 Low Quality Metal Yes
MP5A4 15 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Ceiling 6 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Door 200 metal fragments No
Metal Doorway 4 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Foundation 8 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Pillar 4 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Ramp 5 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Stairs 5 Low Quality Metal Yes
Metal Wall 4 Low Quality Metal Yes
P250 7 Low Quality Metal Yes
Paper 10 Wood Yes
Pick Axe 40 Wood & 15 Metal Fragments Yes
Pipe Shotgun 50 Wood + 40 Metal Fragments no
Rad Suit Boots Yes
Rad Suit Helmet 10 Cloth, 30 Metal Fragments Yes
Rad Suit Pants 15 Cloth, 40 Metal Fragments Yes
Rad Suit Vest Yes
Revolver No
Furnace 15 Stones & 20 Wood & 10 Low Quality Fuel No
Shotgun 15 Low Quality Metal Yes
Shotgun Shells 2 Metal Fragments, 3 Gunpowder Yes
Silencer 8 Low Quality Metal Yes
Sleeping Bag 15 Cloth No
Small Stash 10 Leather Yes
Spike Wall 100 Wood No
Stone Hatchet 5 Stones & 10 Wood No
Torch 1 Low Grade Fuel & 1 Cloth & 1 Wood No
Wood Barricade 30 Wood No
Wood Ceiling 80 Wood No
Wood Door 20 Wood No
Wood Doorway 20 Wood No
Wood Foundation 8 Woodplanks No
Wood Gate 120 Wood No
Wood Gateway 400 Wood No
Wood Pillar 2 Wood Planks No
Wood Planks 10 Wood No
Wood Ramp 5 Wood Planks No
Wood Shelter 50 Wood No
Wood Stairs 5 Wood Planks No
Wood Storage Box 30 Wood No
Wood Wall 4 Wood Planks No
Wood Window 4 Wood Planks No
Wooden Door 20 Wood No
Workbench 8 Stones & 50 Wood No


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