Rune Factory 5 Monster Taming Guide

This guide will teach you all about Monster Taming in Rune Factory 5. The English version of Rune Factory 5 is available on the Nintendo Switch Platform, where you will take control of Alice and Ares on a journey of unraveling the mystery of the land.

Taming monsters is one of the most crucial mechanics of the game that has been used in the previous titles before. However, making the most out of the mechanic is difficult for some players. But, we have everything covered on how to tame monsters in this guide.

How To Build Monster Barns

Before you start chasing the monsters to catch them, you need to create a Monster Barn where you can store them.

As you go through the story campaign, one of the missions will require you to create a monster barn. However, once you have built it, you will have to wait until you get an Official Seed Seal.

The seal will be what you will use to capture the monster, and the monster barn is where the monsters will live from now on. First, you have to get Fodder Seeds that you will plant on your farm and grow Fodder.

You can buy the Fodder Seeds for cheap and plant as much as you can to have enough for the monsters.

Fodder is what attracts the monster and makes them work for you. You can go on a Monster Hunt now that you have the essentials.

How To Tame Monsters

When you come across a monster, weaken them till their HP is nearly empty. Now, use your seal and hold the button till it starts flashing in your hand. When it starts flashing, throw it at the monster to capture it.

If your attempt gets failed, the word “failure” will show up on the screen. It means that the monster was not weak enough to get tamed. You will have to damage it more and repeat the process until you tame it successfully.

It is somewhat the same as the Pokemon mechanic, but there is another twist.

How To Raise Monsters

Monster Taming in Rune Factory 5 requires you to raise your trust with the monster you want to tame. You will need to present the monsters with a gift that they will like. A heart will appear over the monster and gain your trust if it likes the present.

If a skull appears over their head, the monster does not like the gift and will not follow you. You can try again with another gift until it starts trusting you.

Once you have its trust, you can take it back to the farm and make it start producing goods. You can also use the monsters to attack other monsters in a fight.

Here is everything the tamed monsters will do for you in Rune Factory 5.

Assign Field Chores To Your Monsters

When you’re near a monster, pressing “A” will bring up a menu with various options. You can choose options from the menu and assign the monster to one of the following tasks.

  • Send your monster back to the barn.
  • Take the monster along on your adventures.
  • Put them to work on the Farm.

If you want your monster to work on the field, you need to select the ‘Assign Field Chores’ option from the menu. Afterward, you can either specify the area from the monster to work on or leave this up to them to choose on a particular spot.

When you assign a monster to Field Chores, it will water the crops and put rice in the sales bin at the end of the day, saving you the effort. The monsters will gradually lose health as they work, so make sure to provide them with healing items on a regular basis; otherwise, they’ll stop working.

It is also worth mentioning that you’ll have to keep tilling and planting seeds for yourself, as the monster is incapable of doing so.

Loot Farming Items From Your Monsters

The monsters will not only do chores and other tasks, but they will also drop items for you to collect on a regular basis. If you want to keep your coffers full, you should check the monster barn on daily basis.

It is important to note that each monster will drop a different type of item, and the rarity and value of these items will increase as your relationship grows stronger.

Battle Your Monsters

The best part about making friends with monsters is that you can make them fight for you. Once you’ve made friends with a monster, you can command them to follow you around the overworld, where they can assist you in battle.

However, at the start of your friendship, monsters will only serve as a distraction for your enemies because they will not be strong enough to fight.

Though, as your friendship grows, the monsters will become stronger, transforming into proper fighting units and providing more assistance.

It is also worth noting that your monster will have a health bar, but if it runs out, the monster will not die. Instead, it will remain motionless on the ground for some time. Simply move away and the monster will regain its footing; when this occurs, provide it with healing herbs or potions. This also adds to the strength of your bond.