How to Build a Monster Barn in Rune Factory 5

Monster Barn is an important part of your farm in Rune Factory 5 as it allows you to house any beasts you tame. However, building the Monster Barn is a bit tricky. This guide will explain How to Build a Monster Barn in Rune Factory 5.

How to Build a Monster Barn in Rune Factory 5

The Monster Barn allows you to house the different kinds of monsters you have tamed in Rune Factory 5. The task to build the monster barn will first pop up on the Task Board when you successfully finish the ‘Find My Mommy’ main task.

To start the ‘Build a Monster Barn’ task, go and talk to Ryker to accept the task. Once the task is started, make your way to Studio Palmo and talk to a shopkeeper called ‘Palmo.’

Chat with him until you get the Renovate menu, where you will find the option to construct a Monster Barn.

However, in order to construct the Monster barn, you will require the following materials.

  • 30x Material Stone
  • 50x Lumber
  • 100P

Once you have obtained all these resources, go and talk to Palmo again to complete building the Monster Barn.


Palmo will allow you to choose a name for your barn and give you three places to place your barn: your home, a farm dragon, or carrying it yourself. Once you’ve built the Monster Barn, go to the Task Board to finish this task.

And that is how you can build a monster barn in Rune Factory 5. Please keep visiting our website to stay up-to-date with all of our Rune Factory 5 coverage.

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