How to Marry Cecil in Rune Factory 5

Cecil is the younger brother of Martin the Blacksmith. With the right steps, you can build up your relationship with Cecil in Rune Factory 5 and eventually confess your love for him. This guide will let you know how to marry Cecil in Rune Factory 5 by outlining his likes, events and other requirements.

How to Marry Cecil in Rune Factory 5

In Rune Factory 5, Cecil is a cheery lover of mysteries and considers himself a great detective. You can find him easily at the home marked as Martins and Cecil’s on the map in the early morning time.

To woo Cecil, you’ll have to get to know him and chat him up every day and gift items he likes. Below we’ve outlined all of Cecil’s Liked items.

Every Character has their own likes and dislikes in Rune Factory 5. Giving them items they like will help increase their friendship level with you and eventually this leads to a romance.

Below you will find the items liked and disliked by Cecil in Rune Factory 5.

Liked Items

  • Fruit
  • Crystal Skull
  • Brooches

Disliked Items

  • Cheese Milk
  • Yogurt

Just like his elder brother Martin, you can easily increase your friendship level with him by presenting him with fruits.

Talk to Cecil every day and gift him one of his likes. Gifting him one of his likes on spring 12 will give a great boost to your friendship with him as spring 12 is his birthday.

After reaching heart level 7 you can confess your love for him and officially start dating Cecil though you’ll have to complete a few events first!

Cecil Romance Events

Just like any other character in the game you have to complete three romantic events to date Cecil and confess your love for him. All three romantic events you have to complete can be seen below.

The three Cecil Romantic Events that you have to complete before marrying him are given below.

Top-Secret Confidential Documents

After clearing Atohi’s End, Livia will tell you to help Cecil by getting signatures for some confidential documents.

To complete this event, you have to visit the Seed Office at 7 am or after that and collect signatures by going to each and every building in Rigbarth. You can see these signatures marked on the map.

After that, you can go to Lackadaisy Restaurant to attend an event. Visit the Inn at last and this event will be completed.

Unnamed Event

After completing the Top-Secret Confidential Documents event you have to meet Cecil in Great Tree Plaza for getting the second event and complete it.


To complete this event, you have to go through different steps which can be seen below.

  • First of all, visit the Studio Palmo
  • After that go to Martin and Cecil’s House
  • Visit the Blue Moon Inn
  • Go to Belpha Ruins Entrance
  • Go to Rigbarth Outpost
  • Visit Great Tree Plaza
  • Visit Lackadaisy Restaurant

After doing all of these, wait for a day and visit Cecil’s House again. This will complete the third Cecil romantic event as well. After completing these events you will be able to confess to Cecil.

Just complete the requirements given below and you can marry him after that.

  • Have completed Cecil’s Final Event
  • Have unlocked an Engagement Ring
  • Have the Friendship Level at 10 Hearts
  • Have a Double Bed
  • Have met everyone in town

Now you can marry him and raise your family with him in Rune Factory 5.

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