Where to Capture the Fairy in Rune Factory 5

In Rune Factory 5, you will be tasked with capturing many creatures one of which will be a fairy. Here is how to catch it.

Early on in your adventures in Rune Factory 5, Livia tasks you with capturing various creatures. One of the first on this list is a Fairy. Unlike some monsters, the game only points you toward a general area: the central region of the Phoros Woodlands.

Despite their tiny size, these monsters pack a punch. We will guide you straight into the Fairy’s hidden haven. We’ll detail the exact location within the woodlands and offer tips for capturing this tiny creature successfully.

How to Start the Request?

Rune Factory 5 Fairy

To start the quest, you need to meet Livia in her office At Silo in Rune Factory 5. Choose the “I want to check the wanted monster list” option, next you need to select the Fairy Wanted poster to begin the hunt.

Where is the Fairy Located in Rune Factory 5?

In the early game, Livia will give you a side quest to capture the fairy during The Wanted Monster quest. To complete this quest, you must go to the central region of Phoros Woodlands, east of Rigbarth.

Enter the woodlands, and take the first right you see from the parting huge rock following the east path. Make your way through the chickens toward the wooden bridge, and you will get to the Keron Pond, where you will find a fairy. The exact location of the fairy is marked on the map below.


The fairy is small, so it will be hard to notice her. You need to keep looking around the pond to capture her.

How to Capture the Fairy?

Rune Factory 5 Fairy

After finding the Fairy, your objective now is to capture it. To do so, you’ll need to weaken it first by bringing its health down.

Despite its small appearance, the Fairy hits like a truck. So don’t fight it too aggressively, as it can potentially one-shot you. To deal damage, you’ll need to strike it with Physical Attacks. Once the Fairy’s HP is low enough, capture it by pressing ZL.

Rewards for Capturing Fairy

Rune Factory 5 Fairy

You can then bring it to Livia in the Silo to get your reward, Farming Bread x1.

Fairy Drops

You will get the following rewards for dropping a fairy:

  • Fairy Dust (7.5%)
  • Pond Smelt (4%)
  • Prelude to Love (0.7%)
  • Love Potion (0.1%)

How to Tame a Fairy in Rune Factory 5?

There are several ways you can tame a fairy; let’s go over the items that have helped players tame a fairy in Rune Factory 5:

  • Brush
  • Grass
  • Fodder
  • Weed
  • Cake
  • Pumpkins
  • Iron Ore

The game has two types of fairies: a normal fairy and a boss fairy. You can tame 1 green-colored normal fairy. Such fairies randomly appear with monster summon portals in normal gameplay, and you can befriend them with cakes or chocolate cake.

As for the boss fairies, they appear in the last dungeon of the game and are bigger than normal ones. Depending on their color, you will have to give them a Crystal Flower, meaning a red fairy can be tamed with a red flower, a blue fairy needs a blue flower, and so on.

Finding Red, Blue, and Yellow Fairy in One Location

Rune Factory 5 Fairy

You can hit a jackpot by finding different fairies in one location. You need to head to the 11th floor of Rigbarth Maze for this.

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