How to Build Cooking Table in Rune Factory 5

Having a cooking table carries importance because players will need to cook all kinds of recipes for various buffs in Rune Factory 5. The following guide will show you how.

How to Build a Cooking Table in Rune Factory 5

You can purchase different kinds of cooking tables from the store located in Rigbarth. However, the game actually gifts you your starting cooking table.

Travel to Studio Palmo and talk to one of the salesmen. After discussing your cooking needs, he will gift you a cooking table to start cooking. This will be the only free table in the game. You’ll be purchasing the rest of the tables for 500 G each.

Once the table is gifted to you, you will have three options regarding delivery. You can either have the table delivered to your room in SEED HQ or to one of your farm dragons. You can also choose to carry the table yourself.

It is highly recommended to have the cooking table delivered directly to your room.

After choosing that option, head home and position the cooking table in any preferred position. You’re now ready to start cooking recipes.

How to Cook Different Recipes

There are two ways to cook food. The first one is to use recipes and follow whatever it says. The second one is to randomly add ingredients to come up with something. You can do the latter to discover new recipes but they will not be as effective as the recipes you find in the world.

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