Rune Factory 5 Farm Dragons Guide

Rune Factory 5 features the all-new and exciting Farm Dragons. Wondering what they are for? Keep reading! This guide will explain everything about Farm Dragons, what they do, and how to unlock them in Rune Factory 5.

What are Farm Dragons in Rune Factory 5

Farm Dragons, as the name suggests, are intended for farming. Now what makes them special is that they have a much larger field than available on SEED’s property.

As a result of this, you’ll have more space to plant crops and in return, you will earn more money. The farm dragons are also the location of Monster Barns, which are used to tame monsters.

All of these benefits and no drawbacks, it all seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the twist: farm dragons do have a disadvantage.

The sole disadvantage of farm dragons is that they do not come with items like fertilizer bins, lumber/stone boxes, or storage boxes that are available for free through quests.

So, if you want to retain the soil quality of your farm dragon you must go to Palmo’s Studio, buy items, and have them installed on your farm dragon.

This means that if you intend to make a large amount of furniture for your dragons, you should ensure that you have enough money and other resources.

How to Unlock Farm Dragons

In RF5, there are a total of five farm dragons. Read on to learn how to unlock each one of them. We’ve compiled a list of all Farm Dragons, along with information on how to get them.

Earth Dragon

Complete the Whispering Woods to unlock the Earth Dragon, the first of five farm dragons available in Rune Factory 5.

Fire Dragon

Second, on the list is the Fire Dragon. To unlock the Fire Dragon, you must complete the Kelve Lava Caves.

Ice Dragon

In order to unlock the Ice Dragon, you must visit the Meline Crystal Caverns. The Ice Dragon can be unlocked by clearing the Meline Crystal Caverns.

Soil Dragon

Next up is the Soil dragon. Simply go to the Thunder Wilderness and complete it to unlock the Soil Dragon.

Wind Dragon

Finally, there is the Wind Dragon. To unlock the Wind Dragon, you must clear the Belpha Ruins: Depths.

Crystals and Farm Dragons

You can use the crystals to temporarily boost your farm dragon. For each type of boost, you’ll need a specific amount and type of crystal.

Here is a list that includes how many crystals are needed and what kind of boost they provide.

  • Gaia Crystal (x3) – Improves the soil’s health and resistance to damage.
  • Glacies Crystal (x1) – It will cause rain on the farm dragon for a few days.
  • Ignis Crystal (x5) – It can be used to accelerate crop growth.
  • Terra Crystal (x1) – This will grant you more room to plant crops.
  • Ventus Crystal (x2) – It can be used to obtain more crops when they are ready for harvesting.

Here is the proper way to use a crystal on your farm dragon.

First, walk up to the head of the dragon whom you want to give the crystal. Interact with it while you’re on its head. A menu with a bunch of crystals will pop up. Select the crystal that suits your purpose, and you’ll have the boost applied. Simple as that!

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