Rune Factory 5 Cooking License Answers Guide

To become a master chief in Rune Factory 5, you must pass the cooking license test. This guide covers the Rune Factory 5 Cooking License Test answers that you can give to pass the test with ease. In addition, we will also be discussing answers to the Forging License Test.

How to Unlock Cooking in Rune Factory 5

Among other things, cooking is not readily available to the players in RF5, but it needs to be unlocked through a license you can get by taking the test and answering simple questions.

You can take the test by having a dialogue with Saint Eliza at the Rigbarth outpost. And then, just select the license you want to take the test for.

You can obtain two types of cooking licenses in Rune Factory 5.

  • Basic Cooking License
  • Pro Cooking License

Basic Cooking License Test Answers

200p are required to take the basic test. The answers to the basic cooking test in RF5 are as follows.

  1. You need a cooking table
  2. More RP to cook
  3. To cook more dishes

You will unlock the Cooking Table, which you can buy from Studio Palmo after you have passed the test.

Pro Cooking License Test Answers

The second type of test is the Pro Cooking License Test which you can take after you’ve given the basic license test and have spent 500p at Saint Eliza.

The answers to the Pro Cooking License Test in RF5 are as follows.

  1. Vegetables
  2. Edible Ingredients
  3. Cook at higher level
  4. Higher RP to cook

You will be able to buy an additional cooking table from Studio Palmo and now will be able to add extra ingredients, vegetables, and more after you’ve passed the test.

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