How To Get Lunker Bass in Resident Evil 4

Lunker Bass is a giant fish in Resident Evil 4 that can get you some great rewards from the merchant. To catch the Resident Evil 4 lunker bass fish, you will need a boat that you can get after defeating Del Lago in RE4. The more significant challenge you might have is where to look for this giant fish. Don’t worry as we have got you covered on this. Here you will find complete details about the Lunker Bass location and how to catch it in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 Lunker Bass location

In Chapter 4, the merchant requests Leon to get an item for him to exchange for valuable Spinels in RE4 Remake. One of the requests the merchant offers you is the request to find the Lunker Bass.

To get the Lunker Bass, you must take out the boat in the lake and roam around the lake looking for the Lunker Bass. In general, look around the southeastern coast of the lake near the Boat House location in Resident Evil 4.

While roaming the lake on your boat, you will notice the fins of a big fish in the lake. Once you spot the fins, you need to work silently, as any wrong move makes it get deep into the water. It will disappear into the water if you get too close to the bass or accidentally touch it with your boat.

If this happens, reload a save or save your game again to get the giant Lunker Bass to respawn in RE4 remake. Try to get as close as possible to the bass and through the Harpoons. If you do that correctly, you can see the blood spreading in the lake. Then drive to its body and collect your trophy.

Getting Lunker Bass to the merchant will get you 5,000 Pesatas and 4 Spinels.


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