How To Make Money In Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, money has a huge significance just like in any other game. Resident Evil 4 Remake uses the currency of Pesetas, or ...

In Resident Evil 4, money has a huge significance, just like in any other game. Resident Evil 4 Remake uses the currency of Pesetas, or Ptas for short. You can use this currency to buy awesome gear, firearms, and other weapons from a merchant. But, most of these items are very expensive, and saving money for a single pistol often takes much time in RE4.

In this guide, we will discuss the best ways you can use to earn money in the game to buy your favorite gear in Resident Evil 4.

Best ways to make money in Resident Evil 4

Now, when we are talking about the best ways to make money, we will not be discussing some shortcuts like money farms. We will discuss actual ways to gain money. Here are some ways:

Loot the enemies

The most common and familiar way to gain money in Resident Evil 4 is to kill the enemies and loot their dead bodies. You can get a good sum from there. But this method requires a lot of fighting and killing.

Get the Treasure Map

Opening a treasure chest is one of the best ways to gain huge sums of pesetas in Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are various locations in the game, each with its treasure chest.

To locate the treasure chest, you will need a treasure map. You can get a treasure map from a merchant by trading spinels with him. You get these spinels by completing requests.

Sell items

You can also sell items that are just lying in your inventory. But you have to be strategic about it too. You cannot sell every item in Resident Evil 4.

You have to read the description of each item. Some of the things in the game are for sale only, like necklaces. Some items, like guns, are sold only when needed, and some items cannot be sold, like keys.

You can sell gemstones to a merchant for a good sum. But, the smart way to do that is first to get a decoration item with a slot for gemstones and then insert the gemstone into the decoration item like trinkets. This will increase the price of the item significantly.

Also, you can multiply the value of gemstones by inserting them in a combo on decoration items. This will increase its value, and you can sell them for a higher price to the merchant in RE4.

Also, if you have spare guns that you are sure you will not use, trade them for money in the game.

You can also trade healing items like herbs, first aid, etc., for money. Aside from that, you can also sell some of your food items. The best one is to sell the dead viper snake, which has good value.

Shoot crows for easy loot

Crows in Resident Evil 4 Remake carries loot like ammunition and money. It is an easy way to get money. You can use a bolt thrower or crossbow to kill crows or use the stun grenade to kill multiple of them simultaneously.

Opening Small Key Drawers

The game has eight locked drawers you can open using the small keys. These drawers contain valuable items that you can sell for a great price.

Hanging items

Treasure maps also mark some hanging items that players often ignore. These are the silver hanging lanterns, and they contain valuable items inside. You can get these lanterns by using the treasure maps, and if you are struggling to search for them, listen to their sound in the wind and easily find them in Resident Evil 4.

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