Remnant 2 Merchants Locations Guide 

Merchants in Remnant 2 provide a host of services and it's important to know their locations for easy access. Here's where you can find them.

Remnant 2 introduces you to a lot of NPCs, including some merchants while walking through the game. They provide various services from selling items to crafting to upgrading among other things. Many of them are found in Ward 13 but some are also spread across the game worlds.

You never know when you need something that a particular merchant sells. So, it’s always a good idea to know where these merchants are located. As such, here are all the merchants in Remnant 2 and their locations in the game.

Merchants Locations in Remnant 2 

Ward 13 is the central hub of the Remnant 2 map and is located on Earth. This was also the case in the previous installment of the game, so if you have played that game, you’ll know it. As such, you’ll find most of the merchants located here.

Because Ward 13 is a wide area, it can be hard to locate someone or something you want and you’ll end up going in circles.

Norah, the Town Doctor 

As her name suggests, Dr. Norah is your go-to person to obtain medical equipment. She also has other items on sale such as healing items and status prevention equipment. Her shop is located on the right side of Ward 13’s entrance. She sells Bandages, Root Water, and some other healing-related consumables. 

She also sells the Medic Pin which is required to craft the Caduceus Idol Engram. This unlocks the Medic Archetype.


Reggie, the Consumable Merchant 

Reggie is a regular merchant and a recurring character in the Remnant franchises. He also resides in Ward 13, just behind Dr. Norah’s shop. Reggie sells different consumables as well as pipe grenades, armor pieces, weapons, and several other resources.

He also gives you the opportunity to trade items on top of purchasing them from him. So if you have something extra that you need to get rid of, Reggie is the person to go to.

Whispers, the Armor Vendor 

Whispers is another merchant of Ward 13 that sells one of the most important items in Remnant 2, the armor set. You will need a reliable armor set if you want to survive what the game throws at you and Whispers is your point person for that. After all, his favorite dialogue list is “Armor is good. Protects important things. Like your throat.”  

You will have to visit this vendor’s shop even for obtaining your very first Archetype set. He’ll be at his workshop.

Cass, the Scrap Merchant 

Cass’s shop is situated right next door to the Armor Vendor. She sells some regular crafting items as well as some rare ones. She has a much sought-after Simulacrum material needed for upgrading your relics. This is a very rare material but that is quite important. So it pays well to know where to find Cass.

Moreover, this merchant sells you different tiers of iron that are crucial for leveling up your gear in Remnant 2.

Rigs, the Gear Upgrader

Rigs is a bald, butchered-looking guy whose shop is located left of the world crystal. He’ll be beside a couple of other merchants in Ward 13. He is the one who has been given charge of providing players with gear or weapon upgrades.

As soon as you bring him the required materials, Rigs hands you over your desired weapons in its upgraded form. He can upgrade both weapons obtained from defeating bosses and standard ones.

McCabe, the Weapon Mods Dealer 

McCabe is located right next to Rig’s shop in Ward 13. She is the gear and mod crafting merchant in Remnant 2. She is an introverted seller who specializes in tinkering and modding weapons.

Whenever you feel the need to purchase a mod for your favorite weapons, just pay her a visit. She’ll have you set for whatever it is you need and your weapons will be all the more stronger.

Brabus, the Arms Dealer 

While standing outside McCabe’s shop, look to your right to see another NPC busy maintaining his shop at the Firing Range in Ward 13. This is Brabus, the arms dealer who sells all kinds of weapons. Whether you need melee weapons or guns, Brabus is the man to go to.

He also sells some free-of-cost armaments if you’ve opted for specific starting Archetypes. As long as you have enough scraps to trade, you won’t hear a no from this generous weapons merchant. 

Dwell, the Relic Fragment Merchant 

Relic fragments are items that add additional functionality and buffs to your relics in Remnant 2. You can get some from Dwell in Ward 13. He will be just past the Arms Dealer’s hut at the firing range. He will be standing in an open-roof shop.

Dwell is a merchant originally belonging to Yaesha, but he decided to move to Ward 13 a while ago in Remnant 2. He also sells Mutators for your favorite weapons to enhance their efficiency in battles. 

Wallace, the Mystic 

Last, but not least, you will find Wallace in his shop by the stairs at the docks in Ward 13. He has a number of jobs as a merchant and provides various services.

His jobs include. 

  • Respeccing your Trait Points 
  • Leveling your Relics 
  • Unlocking more than one Archetypes 

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