Can You Disable Friendly Fire In Remnant 2

A big part of Remnant 2 gameplay is based on those co-op battles in which you can take damage from Friendly Fire.

A big part of Remnant 2 gameplay is based on those co-op battles that will make the experience more enticing. This way, you can take on those increasingly challenging Bosses with your teammates and dominate your battles. The question arises here: can you somehow disable the Friendly Fire in Remnant 2?

Can you disable Friendly Fire in Remnant 2

To answer that question, the game, according to the developers, was cranked up in difficulty to increase the challenges. However, like the previous iteration of Remnant, it also lacked the feature to disable Friendly Fire.

The same is the case with the latest installment, as the Remnant 2 offers many challenges, and one of these would be not turning your co-op friends into Swiss cheese. Although you get the perks of playing with your friends, you also suffer from the damage of Friendly Fire.

This can be frustrating because after spending a lot of time in co-op, you accidentally get killed by your teammates. The Remnant 2 has no feature yet to allow you to disable Friendly Fire. So you need to be careful around your friends during those fights and avoid shooting them instead.

Lastly, If you suffer from the effects of Friendly Fire, there is a hack to reduce it somewhat. However, it requires you to use the Handler (archetype), and in doing so, you will get to access its unique trait known as Kinship.

Investing in it will go both ways, as you won’t suffer too much Friendly Fire damage. So once you level that particular trait to Level 10, it will become accessible for other archetypes in Remnant 2.


Moreover, you must practice your shots to get more accurate aims and maintain some distance. These will help you stay safe from your friends in those co-op battles to avoid hitting them.

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