Remnant 2: Tower Of The Unseen Dungeon Guide

The Tower of the Unseen contains a number of secrets to discover, several amulets and rings, as well as puzzles to solve in Remnant 2.

One of the most demanding yet equally rewarding places you can find in Remnant 2 is the secret Dungeons. Though there are many dungeons like the Council Chamber Dungeon, the Tower of the Unseen in particular is often regarded as the one with the most challenging puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll go over a complete walkthrough of the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2, including its location the many secrets it holds, the bosses you’ll face, and the puzzles you’ll have to solve.

Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen Location

Tower of the Unseen only spawns in Ne’rud region of Remnant 2. However, due to the game’s procedural generation, it can spawn in one of two locations. It can spawn either near the Forgotten Prison or Seekers Rest. You’ll have to both locations to find it. It is important to note that the dungeon may not spawn in either location during some runs, for which you may need to do a reroll.

Remnant 2: Tower of the Unseen Locked Door/Orb Puzzle Solutions

After you have reached the Tower of the Unseen’s main Checkpoint in the middle of the map, the next major portion of your journey through this mysterious place will be solving a puzzle.

This puzzle mostly consists of different locked rooms that can only be opened by placing a Stellar-Powered Cell at its terminal – which you only have a few of.

To start, you can grab your very first Stellar-Powered Cell from the terminal next to the area’s entrance at the corner. With that in your inventory now, leave the area and use the ramp to make your way up top to the first locked red door.

To open this door, place the Stellar-Powered Cell in the terminal next to it. This is how we will generally be opening these locked doors, so always make sure that you have a Stellar-Powered Cell with you.

Inside this first room, you can see an elevator at the far end. Ascend to the upper floor via this elevator and it will drop you off directly into a large room. Take note of this large room because we will be coming here more often.

Towards the western end of this large room is an open door with a Cell already attached to its terminal. Instead of continuing directly forward, we must first make a detour to grab a special item.

For that, we need the Cell attached to this door’s terminal, so take it (temporarily). After that, go back down the way you came from. From here, you must let the elevator pass and then move past it to find yourself next to another locked red door in the Remnant 2 Tower of Unseen dungeon.

Open this door with the Cell you just took and enter the area unlocked to get your hands on the Samoflange Amulet.

With that done, head back to the large that you took note of previously room (retrieve the cell on your way out) and attach the Cell back where you took it from, i.e. in the room to the left.

Continue across this door to enter a new area. In this new place, find a ledge from which you can jump onto a completely new metallic path. Move along this path, crossing yet another locked door, back into the large room you came from.

Only this time, you open up a completely new door as you get back into the large room. Now, once again, grab the Cell from the door on the left and make your way with it over to the locked door you crossed previously.

Use the Stellar-Powered Cell you just picked up to open this new locked red door, which leads to a brand-new elevator. You can use this elevator to come to a new area where you can find the E.D. Alpha secret boss.

Inside this area, you can get your hands on two important things:

  1. The Stone of Continuance Ring from the center of the battlefield
  2. The Refunder Mutator by defeating the E.D Alpha boss

When your business is done here, there is only one locked red door that’s left to unlock, but you can’t do that from here.

Hence, head back to the locked door that you came from and grab the Cell from it because you will need that later. Retreat, crossing the large room and descending to the previous area via the elevator.

When you’re back on the ground, step into the elevator and step back out, forcing the elevator to be on its way and revealing a completely new path underneath it.

Jump down from the shaft that’s just been revealed and continue making your way across this new area until you reach yet another locked red door. What’s interesting is that this path leads to the rear of the statue you saw on the battlefield previously.

With the Cell that you grabbed previously, open the locked red door to reveal a new area that holds the Shielded Heart Relic somewhere within. Grab that, and you’ve gotten your hands on everything that you could’ve gotten in the Tower of the Unseen – everything that was guaranteed, at least.


After you complete this dungeon you can make your way to the Toxic Desert to find the Soul Spark in Ne’rud

Tower of the Unseen Secrets

When you’re done with the Tower of the Unseen’s Orb puzzle and grabbed anything that was guaranteed in it, it’s time to turn your focus to everything else that you can find there in Remnant 2.

These are mostly secrets that spawn in the Tower of the Unseen at random. You may or may not get them, but at least try to check them out just in case because they offer great rewards.

Here are a few secrets that you may be able to find in the Tower of Unseen depending on your version of it. You can look for them in order as you are making your way north from the southernmost part of the dungeon.

The Unmarked Path

While you are making your way through the lowest path of the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2, you can see a whole new, broad pathway underneath you that is nowhere to be seen on the map.

Turns out that this path leads to the Burden of the Stargazer Ring – and you can jump on top of it from your path.

The Secret Room

If you’ve ever come across a room with a giant hole in the middle of it – which is illuminated with a red light – while exploring the dungeon’s early areas, you probably would’ve thought to avoid it.

Well, you can descend this large hole – but there’s a special way for it. You must use the ledges provided at the edges of the hole to descend it.

At the base of this hole, you can find two brand-new things:

  1. The Constant Variable Ring
  2. The Timewave Mutator – from the Restless Spirit Boss found in the purple glowing device.

The Secret Elevator Room

There is a particular elevator that goes a long, long way in the dungeon. If you are lucky enough, you may notice that it has a gap in the wall somewhere along the middle of the way.

You can jump through this hole to come across a secret room. This area contains the Low Yield Recovery Ring and another elevator up ahead.

 If you step in this elevator and then step back out again, shooting it off below, a new elevator pops up which you can use to ascend instead. This elevator takes you to the Propulsion Roop Ring’s location.

How to fix Stuck in Tower of the Unseen bug

In certain instances, you may come across a bug that causes you to become stuck outside the Tower of the Unseen. This glitch only occurs in co-op sessions where if you die you become unable to enter the Tower after you respawn. 

The only reliable fix for this issue is to re-roll the world. Alternatively, you can make use of the cheat engine and move yourself forward a couple of spaces so you can clip through the door and continue with the dungeon.

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