Remnant 2 E.D. Alpha Boss Guide

The E.D. Alpha is a round-looking melee-focused boss in Remnant 2 that hits you like a train. Here is how you can defeat him in the game.

E.D. Alpha is one of the main bosses you must defeat in order to progress in Remnant 2. The boss comes from the race of robots created in N’erud. You will encounter this enemy while going through The Segments quest.  

You will find the boss having high mobility and making strong melee attacks. The boss spins around the area to protect its weak spots, but you can stop E.D. Alpha from benefiting with the right strategy. So make your way toward a particular place to find this boss in Remnant 2. 

Where to find E.D. Alpha in Remnant 2 

You will find the boss at the Tower of the Unseen in the world of N’Erud. Make your way toward the Timeless Horizon and look for this industrial area. 

You will find several enemies guarding the entrance of the Tower. Head toward the corner of the Timeless Horizon to find a small facility containing bridges. You need to head inside and use the elevator to reach a small corridor. From here, move ahead to go through the yellow gate and enter the Tower of the Unseen. 

Now explore the sites to find another elevator. This will take you toward another elevator you can use to reach a stairway that looks like a throne. Take the stairs where you’ll find a dead body with a ring.

Here you will be ambushed by several enemies, and you must defeat each one. After taking the elevator, you will encounter a vacuum seal next to a bridge. You will find some closed doors with red panels next to them.  


These doors can only be unlocked by placing stellar-power cells in them. You can take those cells from the opened doors. Unlock the others to access the next area of the Tower. Use this to open the doors of the main hall, and here you will find E.D. Alpha in Remnant 2. 

How to defeat E.D. Alpha in Remnant 2 

The strength of E.D. Alpha lies in its melee attacks, so it is better to keep your distance from him and engage him at range in Remnant 2. The boss has a few prominent attacks which you can dodge by moving around the area. 

Firstly, the boss will move toward your location while rotating his arms at a significant speed and deal massive damage. You need to ensure that you keep moving away from the boss during this time and try to avoid attacking. The boss becomes vulnerable for a few seconds after he stops and this is your window to attack them.

E.D. Alpha also throws punches toward your location, so slide away when you see it taking on a punching stance. Moreover, the boss will transform into a ball to quickly travel toward your position in Remnant 2.

The idea here is to stay as far away as possible from the boss and use long-range weapons to target the E.D. Alpha boss in Remnant 2. This boss’ weak spot is its eyes, so target them to do the most damage.

Rewards for defeating E.D. Alpha

You will receive Refunder as a reward for defeating E.D. Alpha in Remnant 2. This mutator is an excellent addition to your inventory.

It improves your chances of gaining back the spent ammo by a significant percentage. This works only with the ranged weapons, so you can equip it with the long and handguns in Remnant 2. 

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