How To Get The Elder Armor Set In Remnant 2

The Elder armor set provides effective evasive maneuvers with its quick dodging ability and zero penalization on Stamina in Remnant 2.

Elder Set is part of the lightweight armor sets in Remnant 2. It has the unique appearance of a red sleeveless top with leather straps with blue stripes that go down to the pants as well.

The most unique thing about it is the headpiece which is a wooden mask with horns and feathers that spread out all around the black and white facemask.

The light garments support its claim of being part of the lightweight class along with providing the added benefits of enhanced mobility and agility. It can be purchased from Whispers in Ward 13 and is available to deluxe users for free. Let’s get into what the Elder Set has to offer.

The Elder armor set location in Remnant 2

There are two ways to get your hands on the Elder armor set in Remnant 2. The first is by purchasing either the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game.

Similar to the other DLC items, you have to go through the portal to add the armor set to your inventory.

If you own either of the two editions, you will automatically have the Elder Set. If not, you can purchase the armor set from Whispers in Ward 13 but only after completing the main campaign.


Whispers is a returning character from Remnant: From the Ashes where he was a bandit but after coming to Ward 13 in Remnant 2, he has found a place to set up his shop and earn by being an armor dealer.

Whispers will sell you most of the class-related armor and can be found in the middle of Ward 13’s market near Cass. He is tall and wears a brown leather jacket with a green scarf and a gas mask which can be easily identified while you are on the streets.

Elder Set stats and bonuses

Elder Set is a light armor set in Remnant 2 that provides access to effective evasive maneuvers with its quick dodging ability and zero penalization on Stamina.

It only weighs 24 with a total armor of 44 and additional 12 Fire Resistance, 9 Blight Resistance, and 4 Corrosive Resistance.

Elder Set allows for quick evade and agility while on the battlefield which is beneficial, especially to those close-ranged combat builds.

The only drawback is that it lacks defense and provides limited protection only so you will be unable to tank those heavy-hitting enemy attacks.

The Elder Set goes well with either a Medic build or a Hunter build in Remnant 2. The armor set is a popular support or glass-cannon build option thanks to its stats and bonuses.

If you are looking for something that provides more agility and combat efficiency with the ability to evade enemy attacks quickly, Elder Set might just fit your needs. With the added benefits of fire and blight resistance and taking limited toxin damage, it offers a great well-rounded package.

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