How To Get The Broken Timepiece In Remnant 2

Broken Timepiece is found inside a non-functional Clock Tower, north of Hewdas Clock Checkpoint in Remnant 2.

An unusual clock not for Earth’s time, Broken Timepiece is a crafting material in Remnant 2. This silver pocket watch, also known as Hewdas Clock, is infamous in the ghost story of saving a town from peril by stopping the time itself.

Broken Timepiece is found in Hewdas Clock in Losomn, a world drowning in destruction after the merge of the Dran and Fae. Getting your hands on this crafting material is complicated, so let’s begin.

The Broken Timepiece location in Remnant 2

Broken Timepiece is found inside a non-functional Clock Tower, north of Hewdas Clock Checkpoint in Remnant 2.

As the maps are procedurally generated the exact location of Hewdas Clock cannot be pinpointed but it can be found in different parts of Losomn, typically in Ironborough, Morrow Parish, Brocwithe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter.

The Broken Timepiece is stuck on the clock’s hands on top of the tower which needs repairing to drop it. To access the clock’s mechanism at the top of the tower, you must fight through a dangerous path filled with monsters.

Be cautious as they can push you off the platforms, leading to your death. The machinery will be missing a gear, Clockwork Pinion, which can be obtained by solving The Lemark District Clock Puzzle.


Turn the wheel after placing the gear in the right place till the mechanism starts moving by itself. Once it is operational, the clock will do a few ticks before dropping the Broken Timepiece in the hole next to it.

How to use Broken Timepiece in Remnant 2

Broken Timepiece is a crafting material for the Time Lapse Weapon Mod in Remnant 2. Take this special item along with 5 Lumenite Crystal and 500 Scrap to the weapon’s mod specialist McCabe. She can be found at her shop in Ward 13 and will be responsible for crafting the majority of your mods.

Time Lapse mod can be slotted in any weapon with the Mod Slot available but requires 1000 Mod Power. It freezes time for 7s within a 6m radius and attacking immobilized enemies will apply Slow to them for the duration the mod is active.

It introduces an interesting gameplay mechanic and can be useful in clutching a lot of situations. Pair it with the Hunter Archetype or Gunslinger Archetype and you have an ample window for your ranged builds.

Time Lapse is a great addition to bows, rifles, and other long to medium-range weapons for enhanced damage and aiming windows.

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