How To Solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle In Remnant 2

Noticed the Hewdas clock tower puzzle in the Lemark district of Remnant 2? Here is how to align its dials.

While roaming across the lands of Remnant 2, you might have come across a noticeable, huge clock tower called the Hewdas Clock. Although this tower may seem insignificant – probably because it doesn’t work – it’s actually part of an interesting puzzle.

There are two steps to solving the Lemark District Clock puzzle in Remnant 2 – one involves the Hewdas Clock itself, while the other involves another clock in another area.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do in this puzzle, let us show you how to solve it.

Lemark District’s clock puzzle solution in Remnant 2

There are only two steps involved in solving the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2. One of them involves the Hewdas Clock, while the other one involves a smaller clock at a clockmaker’s workshop.

This workshop is located in the Lemark District. However, before doing that part, we must first travel to the Hewdas Clock and start the first part of the puzzle.

Note the time on the Hewdas Clock

The main point of the Lemark District Clock puzzle is to get the Hewdas Clock running again. If you scale the tower and enter the top room, you will notice that one of the gear pieces is missing from the mechanism.

This is the gear piece that you have to find, which is located in the clockmaker’s workshop. However, before making the journey, make sure to note the time on the Hewdas Clock and remember it.

You can take a look at the clock from afar – from the Forsaken Quarter, for example – and use your weapon’s scope to zoom in on the time to see it clearly.

Enter the time into the smaller clock

Upon taking note of the time on the Hewdas Clock, you can now move on to the Lemark District of Remnant 2 and into the shop with clocks. This shop is located in the lower Lemark, which you can enter from the far end of the area.

Once inside the basement, look for a room with nothing but clocks in it. At the back of the room is a special clock hanging on the wall that you can interact with.

The Lemark District Clock Dial puzzle in Remnant 2.

Interact with this clock and its face will pop up on the screen. You are only able to move the clock’s hour and minute hand.

What you have to do now is align these hands corresponding to the time on the Hewdas Clock. Since there are shorter intervals every 5 minutes, it’s hard to set the time exactly correctly.

However, you can just spam enter the time until you manage to place it in the correct order – it would only be nearest to a minute, so it won’t be that hard.

Once the hands on the clock are aligned to show the time corresponding to the Hewdas Clock, a gear piece will drop from it. At this point, you will know what to do with it.

Place the gear piece into the Hewdas Clock

Upon collecting the gear piece from the smaller clock, only the final step is left. You must now take the gear piece and take it up into the Hewdas Clock’s top room.

As you are scaling the tower with the help of the ledges, be careful of the gargoyles as they are actually Winged Faes waiting to push you off.

At the top of the tower, move along to the center of the clock’s mechanism and insert the gear piece in its rightful place.

Once that’s done, head over to the lever on the left and interact with it. This will make your character turn the lever and fix the Hewdas Clock.

After the Hewdas Clock is up and running, the Lemark District Clock puzzle will be considered complete in Remnant 2.

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