How To Get Bloodstream Trait In Remnant 2

Bloodstream in Remnant 2 is from one of the three types of traits in the game that will buff your abilities. Here is how to get it.

Bloodstream in Remnant 2 is from one of the three types of traits in the game that will buff your abilities. This is a trait for the defensive build, as it makes sure you heal faster from injuries. Bloodstream trait belongs to the unlockable category of traits.

Due to the procedural generation of Remnant 2, your method of unlocking the Bloodstream can vary a bit. However, the major step to getting this trait is common for all players in the game, so the steps in this guide will be relevant for you.

Bloodstream Trait location in Remnant 2

remnant 2 bloodstream trait location

To unlock this trait, first, head to the Dappled Glade region. This area can spawn in several locations, but Yaesha is the most common. Here, you will meet the trickster demigod Meidra. She will be intrigued by your presence and demand to know more about your visit to her place.

She will ask you a few questions that require decisive statements from your side. You can answer either generously or selfishly, and depending on how you answer the questions, you’ll get one of two traits; Bloodstream or Barskin.

To acquire the Bloodstream trait, you must answer questions selfishly and align yourself with the Ravager’s Eye.

Meidra Answers To Get The Trait

remnant 2 meidra answers for bloodstream trait

Meidra will ask you a series of 25 questions. Answer them using the responses highlighted below to acquire the trait.

Do you convict the innocent or risk your daughter’s life?Convict the innocent and save my daughter
Do you stop them or let them learn from their own mistakes?Let them continue and learn what they will
Do you take your vengeance or turn the scum over to the authorities from whom he already escaped?Strike my siblings’ killer down
Do you report the thief or allow the poor orphans to keep the coin?The orphans should have the money
Do you treat with the rebels, or do you preserve the peace?Preserve the peace by any means necessary
Do you give up one of your children, or face the threat of enemy soldiers?Give up the weaker child
Do you push the stranger or risk the death of the five miners?Push the stranger
Do you give him what he asks?Sacrifice the young Pan
Do you poison him, or do you turn a blind eye to his plots of revenge?Turn a blind eye
Do you forgive them?No, they deserve it
Do you spare the scion of your family foe or kill him to end the war?Kill them
Do you abandon your mortal family or live out your days without your one true love?Leave my mortal family for the one I love
Do you risk smothering the child to save yourself and the others?Risk smothering the child
Do you give immortality to all or only a chosen few?Controlling the gift is better for everyone
Do you slay the warrior or leave him to whatever fate may hold?Slay him
Do you kill your patients to find the cure, or is it better to let the illness decide?Kill the patients
Do you save your son or your granddaughter?Save my son
Do you leave your eldest to the unknown or risk death in battle?Fight back against the clan
Do you give the king the means to kill his enemies, or do you send them away and risk war?Give him the fruit and end the war
Do you save the family, or do you let the family suffer by sparing the unwilling donor?Take the kidney
Do you aid the victims or attempt to destroy the goon?Stop the goon, whatever it takes
Do you abandon your fellow hostages, or face death together?Abandon fellow hostage
Do you torture your hostage or let the crowd fend for itself in the fire?Break the son’s arm
Do you keep the money or call out and return it to its owner?Keep the money
Do you leave the elder to his fate, or do you attempt to halt the tide at the risk of his life?Use the crystal

Trait Effects

remnant 2 bloodstream trait effects

This trait is a useful tool to help expedite your Grey Health regen, enabling you to heal faster after losing health. To get the most out of the Bloodstream trait in Remnant 2, ensure you have a build that needs more healing.

This trait has ten levels of upgradation in Grey Health regen. At level one, it provides a 0.3/s boost. With each level up, +0.3/s is added until reaching 3.0/s at level 10.

Should you pick the Bloodstream Trait or Barskin Trait?

Both the Bloostream and Barskin Traits provide unique buffs to your character. As we’ve discussed above, Bloodstream is centered around Grey Health regen. On the other hand, the Barskin trait reduces all incoming damage.

It starts at a 1% damage reduction and can be upgraded 10 times to provide a 10% reduction. This trait is perfect for tank builds or for more aggressive players. Players wanting to play more aggressively should pick this trait, while players prefer a more passive approach should opt for the Bloodstream trait.

Remember; there is no right or wrong answer here, the decision depends solely on your playstyle and character build.

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