Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Upgrades Guide

Camps are base of operations for you which give you a lot of advantages in Red Dead Redemption 2. They have a lot of features which will give you a lot of perks when they are upgraded. This RDR2 Camp Upgrades Guide will outline all there is to know about them.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Upgrades

Before we dive into the various different features of the camps, you need to remember that it is important to keep your camps well stocked if you want to keep on availing all of the benefits.

You will be able to access your first camp after you’ve made it through the prologue section of RDR2, which takes place in the snow. Your camp has a ledger and whenever in the game you go into your camp you will see the total money that Arthur and everyone has pooled in on the top right corner of your screen.

There are a total of 3 different values which are Ammunition, Provisions, and Medical Supplies. You can restock them for a price from one of the wagons.

When you are in your camp you will see the icons in which ammo meter is represented by bullet, medicine meter by white cross and food meter by a fork. And these meters will indicate all the stocks you have in your camp and it is your duty to keep them showing white, which means you have enough of those.

If they go red that means you need to get more stuff. There is not a specific meter for overall camp morale but you will know about it as people will come to you and talk if they’re unhappy

You can upgrade your camp once you have completed the Money Lending and Other Sins Stranger Mission. A ledger is at your camp where you can spend money to upgrade your camp.

There are many different upgrade paths available to you and upgrades start from $30. Let’s take a look at the upgrades:

Ledger and Structural Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Lodging 1 Default
Lodging 2 Makes gang members donate more $220
Lodging 3 Fast travel can be used. $325
Lodging 4 Better morale, less supplies consumed and more donations $300
Horse Station You can bring horses from stables and have more hitching stations for them $300
Chicken Coop More chickens and better dead eye effect $175
Leather Working Tools Pearson can craft more upgrades $225
Camp Boat You get a boat to cross water and fish (only available in Shady Belle and Clemens point camps) $450
Sharpen The Senses Snake oil and bitters are added $30
Something With Kick Tonic and liquor added $50
The Good Stuff Effective healings and tonics added $75
Less Blind Canned and Fresh fruits are added $30
Some Real Variety Chewing Tobacco and premium fruits added $45
Treat Ourselves Extra sweets and cocaine chewing gum added $55
Improve Our Offense Ammo and arrows added $60
Some Real Firepower Shotgun and rifle ammo plus throwing knives added $90
Let’s Have Some Fun High velocity ammo and Fire Bottles added $110

Satchel Upgrades

All pelts should be in perfect condition. Also, all upgrades require the ‘Leather Working Tools’ ledger upgrade.

Upgrade Requirement Ingredients
Tonics Satchel Leather Working Tools, Medicine Wagon Upgrade x2 Deer, Buck and Elk Pelt
Ingredients Satchel Leather Working Tools, Donate 5 animal carcasses Deer, Badger and Squirrel Pelt
Kit Satchel Leather Working Tools, Donate 3 Valuables Deer, Elk and Panther Pelt
Provisions Satchel Leather Working Tools, Provisions Wagon Upgrade x2 Deer, Bison and Raccoon Pelt
Materials Satchel Leather Working Tools, Craft 3 recipes at the Scout Fire Deer, Boar and Iguana Pelt/Skin
Valuables Satchel Leather Working Tools, Donate $50 Deer, Beaver and Rabbit Pelt
Legend of the East Satchel Leather Working Tools, Craft all other Satchels Deer, Cougar and Wolf Pelt


General Upgrades

Upgrade Requirement
Arthur’s Wagon – Alligator Skull  Perfect Alligator Skin
Arthur’s Wagon – Big Horn Ram Skull  Perfect Ram Carcass
Arthur’s Wagon – Cougar Pelt Covered Chest  Leather Working Tools, Perfect Cougar Pelt
Arthur’s Wagon – Boar Skin Table Cover  Leather Working Tools, Perfect Boar Pelt
Arthur’s Wagon – Ox Hide Rug  Perfect Ox2 Hide x2
John’s Tent – Boar Skin Rug  Perfect Boar Pelts x4
Camp Tables – Pronghorn Leather Table Tops  Leather Working Tools, Perfect Pronghorn Hide
Chuckwagon – Pronghorn Skull  Perfect Pronghorn Carcass
Main Campfire – Moose Antlers  Moose Antler
Main Campfire – Wolf Skull  Perfect Wolf Carcass
Main Campfire – Snake Skin Banjo Head  Leather Working Tools,  Perfect Snake Skin x2
Main Campfire – Campfire Seat Covers  Perfect Beaver Pelt,  Perfect Muskrat Pelt,  Perfect Fox2 Pelt
Main Campfire – Campfire Log Seat Covers  Perfect Wolf Pelts x2
Main Campfire – Lean-to Cow Hide Ground Cover  Perfect Cow Hide
Scout Campfire – Scout Fire Ground Cover  Perfect Goat Hides x2
Scout Campfire – Elk Antlers Elk Antlers x1
Scout Campfire – Hanging Bones Buck Antlers x1

Camp Supplies

Let’s take a look at all of the supplies that you have at the camp and what is it that they do.

  • Butcher: Turn in meat to get upgrades for your camp.
  • Arthur’s Tent: You can sleep, shave and change your clothes here.
  • Provisions: Meat that you turn in will become provisions for your satchel.
  • Health Supplies: Quite self-explanatory, restock from one of the shelves.
  • Games: You can play fun mini-games with other people if they are at the camp.
  • Ammunition: Quite self-explanatory again. You go here to get yourself some ammunition.
  • Grub: You can get free meals here. However, you need to wait a little while between the meals.
  • Donate to Camp: You need to donate some supplies to the camp as you are a part of it. You can also use the ledger to upgrade the camp.

Building a Campfire

You can also build a campfire about anywhere you want in order to sleep and cook. You can build it once you go beyond a story quest known as “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego”.

In order to build your own camp, find a spot away from any ruckus and Hold L1; go to craft and use select the camp feature.

At this camp, you can sleep, craft, and cook anything that you want. The main reason you will be using this camp is to sleep when you are too far away from any of your other hideouts. You can sleep either to pass time or to wait out the night.

This concludes our Camp Upgrades Guide for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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