How to Make Dry Bricks in Raft

This Raft guide will teach you how to make dry bricks and in turn make yourself a smelter.

Expanding your Raft by building new facilities and structures is important if you want to survive for long. For late-game items in Raft, you need a smelter and it is necessary to create dry brick in order to make a smelter. This Raft guide will teach you how to make dry bricks and in turn, make yourself a smelter.

How to Make Dry Bricks in Raft Survival Game

Two Clay and two Sand are required to make one Dry Brick. However, there is no way to actually craft a dry brick and you must first make a wet brick. You can simply craft a wet brick from your personal crafting menu if you have the required materials.

Sand and Clay can be found near islands under the water. In addition to islands, there are ridges that have small pieces of rock embedded within them. This includes some clay and sand. Get into melee range and hit it with maximum power with your hook to collect it.

Leave your wet bricks to dry on the Raft. It appears to take approximately half a game day for the wet bricks to turn into dry bricks. Upon drying, the bricks will become a light gray color

How to Build Smelter

You are going to need six dry bricks to make yourself smelters in Raft Survival game. You need two sand and clay to build a smelter. Craft six wet bricks and then place these wherever you want. Once the bricks are dry, place them on the research table.

Now before building smelters, you’ll need a few items which include nails, scrap and plank. Specifically, you will need

  • 4x Plank
  • 4x Scrap
  • 6x Dry Brick
  • 6x Nail

Once you have these items, you’ll be able to build a smelter without any trouble. We suggest you keep additional dry brick with you when you want to build a smelter.

Once the smelter has been made, it can be used to make high-quality items and weapons like Explosive Powder as well as convert ore into ingots.

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