How To Get Sand, Clay, Dirt In Raft

Sand and Clay are early game resources while Dirt is a mid-game resource in Raft. You’ll require all of these...

Sand and Clay are early game resources while Dirt is a mid-game resource in Raft. You’ll require all of these three resources to get yourself technologically better and build a self-sustaining system in the game.

Sand and Clay are used for crafting Glass and building the all-important Smelter. You’ll require Dirt later on to farm food.

How To Get Sand & Clay In Raft Survival Game

You can find Sand and Clay in the reef areas around the islands. Look for beige rocks and objects near the reefs that are surrounding the island.

Once you’ve found them, use a Plastic or Scrap Hook to harvest Sand and Clay from them.

Remember that the Clay objects are a bit darker than the Sand objects but in order to not miss anything, you should mine everything that is even slightly out of place.

Before diving into the water, you must figure out ways to avoid Sharks. It can be a real problem. So, make sure you’ve enough tactics to avoid them.

Another problem you may have is stopping your raft. You may run your raft into the island, which should halt your progress, or worse, lose your raft to the tide. You are hence advised to use an Anchor to halt your raft in place.

How To Get Dirt In Raft Survival Game

To obtain Dirt, you must first land on a large island and then dig it up by making use of a shovel. It’s a rather unusual spawn, and can’t be found anywhere on the island. You must dig in certain locations to gather the required Dirt.

Follow the steps below to be able to find large islands to farm Dirt.

Step #1
You’ll need to first make a Receiver to locate nearby radio signals that in turn will help you navigate to large islands. You can craft a Receiver with 8x Plank, 6x Plastic, 2x Circuit Board, and 1x Hinge.

You also require a Battery to power your Receiver. You can craft a Battery with 1x Copper Ingot, 6x Plastic, and 3x Scrap.

Once you have a Receiver and a Battery, you must make three antennas to capture radio signals. You can craft each antenna with 4x Scrap, 1x Circuit Board, and 1x Bolt.

You must install all three antennas on the second or upper floor of your raft. Make sure to turn your Receiver off when not needed because it will drain your Battery.

Step #2
After installing the antennas, you’ll see a blue marker on the radar. You must navigate your raft in the direction of the Radio Tower using a paddle or sail. When you get to the destination, investigate it and grab whatever you can before leaving.

Step #3
After visiting the Radio Tower, you should begin to observe green markings on your Receiver. These would be large islands, and these are where we can get Dirt.

Check your radar on a regular basis for one of these locations. When you discover one, proceed to it and anchor your boat close.

Step #4
Now you require a shovel to collect the Dirt which you can craft with 1x Metal Ingot, 1x Bolt, and 6x Planks.

Step #5
Find an opening or a cave in the mountain. These are the best places on large islands to find Dirt. However, you won’t find a lot of Dirt on one island. There are generally three to four dirt piles on an island. You’ll have to hence head to several large islands.

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