Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Part 2 Walkthrough

Motherlobe Part 2 is the second half of the Motherlobe quest in Psychonauts 2. In this quest, you will be visiting Raz and going on a mission to search for and summon Ford Cruller, one of the Psychic Six. In this guide, we have the complete Motherlobe Part 2 walkthrough for you.

Psychonauts 2 Motherlobe Part 2

After Motherlobe Part 1, you will return to the Motherlobe base. Head to the Nerve Center to talk to Lili in Truman Office.

Entering the Nerve center will trigger a cutscene in which Sasha and Raz converse. When the cutscene ends, head to Truman’s office from Sasha’s lab.

Use the elevator to reach Truman’s office. When you reach the office, jump the large stones to reach Lili, who will be with her. A cutscene will start in which Lili will run off after being questioned by Raz about her being the possible mole.

Truman will wake up, and then you will be tasked to search and summon Ford Cruller, one of the Psychic Six.

Find Bacon to Summon Ford Cruller

Your first objective will be to find some bacon to summon Ford Cruller. To obtain the Bacon, head to the cafeteria located inside Noodle Bowl. Speak with the cafeteria worker to obtain a piece of Honey pepper boar bacon.

A cutscene will start in which Raz will use the piece of Bacon to summon Ford Cruller. Ford will get very distracted by the Bacon, which will allow Raz to access Ford’s mental world using the PSI portal.

Explore Ford’s Mind

Once you regain control, you will be in Whispering Rock. Now you will have to find the top of the log stump.

The top of the log stump will be under a lamp post near the fire pit. Use Telekinesis to pick up the log and place it on top of the stump.

Once in place, light up the torch on top of the log. You will also need to light all of the log torches that emerge after the brief sequences.

There are a total of seven torches to light. After lighting all the torches, interact with Lucrecia Mux stump to unveil a new path at the base of the tree and follow this path until you reach the dock.

At the dock, get on the boat and paddle forward towards the buoys. Keep moving forward until a cutscene starts.

Aspects of Ford Fragments

In the cutscene, you will be tasked by Ford to find all three Aspect of Ford Fragments. We have mentioned their locations below for your ease.

Hair Salon Ford Fragment

To find this, head to Ford’s Hair Salon. When you interact with the door of the salon, a short scene will play, and you will get the Ford Fragment.

Bowling Alley Ford Fragment

For the next Ford fragment, go to Astral Lanes Bowling alley. When you get near the bowling alley, a short scene will play, and you will get the Ford Fragment.

Mailroom Ford Fragment

For the last fragment, head to the Mailroom. Enter and go to the Staff office, where you will see the Ford Fragment. However, only the senior staff is allowed to enter the mailroom. So, you need to find a way to enter the staff room.

Ask Nick for help to enter the Staff Room

To find Nick, head down to the mailrooms. You will find him stuck in a mailroom machine. Help him get out by using your Telekinesis. Then speak to him, which will start a cutscene after which you will obtain the last Ford Fragment from Nick’s help.

Talk to Truman and Repair Ford’s Memories

After that is done, return to the Nerve center and report your findings to Truman. Truman will task you with repairing Ford’s memories. This will be the end of Motherlobe Part 2 quest.

Repairing Ford’s Memories is a long quest with three parts that you can take on in any order. Each part represents one aspect of Ford’s psyche; Barber Ford, Bowling Ford and Mail Clerk Ford.

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