Psychonauts 2 Ford’s Follicles Walkthrough

Ford's Follicles is the region of Ford's mind that features his barber persona. In this Psychonauts 2 guide, we will...

Ford’s Follicles is the region of Ford’s mind that features his barber persona. In this Psychonauts 2 guide, we will get you up to speed with re-integrate Barber Ford in Ford’s Follicles, clearing the mites, and more.

Psychonauts 2 Ford’s Follicles

Re-Integrate Barber is essentially a part of the main mission, “Repair Ford’s Shattered Mind” in Ford’s Follicles. The other two missions are namely, Re-Integrate Bowling Ford and Re-Integrate Mail Clerk Ford.

Our guide below contains a breakdown of everything you need to know about re-integrating Barber’s Ford. So, let’s begin!

Re-Integrate Barber Ford

First off, head to the Ford’s Hair Salon. When inside, talk to Barber Ford.

Ask him if you can enter his mind. Ford will agree, and then, you’ll automatically be transferred through your PSI Portal to Barber Ford’s brain, also called Ford’s Follicles.

Clear the Mites

Once inside Ford’s Follicles, proceed ahead until a cutscene is prompted.

When the cutscene ends, head down towards the windmill. Then, use the moving comb ledges to get to the very top of the windmill.

Once on the top, look around for the hairdryer sitting on the side of a nearby cliff. Behind it, you’ll spot a flashing button – shoot it using your PSI Blast to switch on the hairdryer, causing the mites to clear out.

Next, hope onto the wind draft and glide to the edge towards your right. Proceed ahead until you encounter another group of mites.

Use your Telekinesis to tear off the box on the wall and throw it in the direction of the stick that is holding up the water jar. With the water pouring on the floor, all the mites will be washed away.

Now, jump across to the platform ahead and then create an updraft to reach the ledge nearby, destroying the censors along the way.

When you make it to the ledge, keep moving forward through the hair salon. At the end of it, you will come across more censors and enemies; destroy them all.

With the area cleared of enemies, turn your attention to the mites. Using the same strategy as before, cause the large water jar to crash to the ground and clear out the mites.

Make it to the Top of the Lighthouse

Next, make your way to the lighthouse and ascend the stairs to get to its top. Soon, a cutscene will be triggered.

After the cutscene, continue climbing upwards, maneuvering through the storm clouds wrapped around the lighthouse.

You’ll soon come across a ladder; climb it to reach the top of the lighthouse. Having done that, navigate across the series of platforms up ahead until you reach Ford’s brain.

When you’ve arrived at the topmost platform, you’ll come across a mirror shard; remove it to prompt a cutscene that will mark the end of this mission.