Psychonauts 2 Cruller’s Correspondence Walkthrough

In this guide, we will explain how to complete Cruller's Correspondence chapter in Psychonauts 2. Psychonauts 2 Cruller's Correspondence Cruller's...

In this guide, we will explain how to complete Cruller’s Correspondence chapter in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Cruller’s Correspondence

Cruller’s Correspondence mission kicks off when you enter Ford’s mind to sort some things up in his mind.

Once you’ve been granted permission by Ford, you’ll be delivered to a small room inside his brain in a Well Packed Parcel.

Let’s begin

There’s only one way out from the room where this chapter begins, and that’s through a corridor in front of you.

Exit the room through the corridor and make your way to the other end. You’ll come across a letter and an image along the way, which can give you an insight into what’s going inside Ford’s brain.

However, it’s the letter at the end of the corridor which will be causing all the trouble. A cut scene would follow when you come across the letter with no sender’s address, neither a return address.

The letter will be sent to the Dead Letter Office, and your pursuit of that letter will begin.

You have to retrieve the letter and address it properly using the giant typewriter in the room to prevent it from being destroyed.

That letter is your gateway to knowing what’s actually going on inside the old Ford’s brain.

The Dead Letter Office

Follow the letter into the Dead Letter office. There’re plenty of flying envelopes around you, and they’ll lead you to the destination if you manage to get on them.

The Dead Letter office is not a pretty sight to see with the heaps of unsent and misplaced letters awaiting their demise.

The moment you step into this region, you’ll see a couple of boxes in front of you, leading you to another platform.

Climb on top of them and gradually make your way to the elevated platform. The letter we’re looking for is waiting at the edge of the platform.

But only if retrieving the letter was that easy. The moment you interact with the letter, another cutscene would follow where the letter would be taken out of the Dead Letter office added to the International Dead Letter Office.

You’ll be thrown to the ground again, and several antagonists will pop up. Fight them using Pyrokinesis, and then make your way up the boxes again.


In the next section, you’ll come across the giant typewriter that’ll be used to address the letter we’re after.

Getting to the typewriter without falling into the shredder underneath is a task in itself.

Before you muster up the courage and take a leap of faith, flick the switch on your right to activate the flying envelops.

They’ll be taking you halfway to the typewriter, and you’ll have to use your Mental Connection ability to cover up the remaining path.

Upon reaching the typewriter, you’ll notice that it’s missing a few keys. And they’re the only keys that we need to type in the address.

Three of the keys are located near the typewriter (Y, C, and U). However, you’ll have to put in your sweat for the last one.

Use your Telekinesis ability to carry the keys over to the typewriter and then fit them into place. Once you’re done, face the typewriter and look towards your left.

You’ll see a moving stamp stomping the ground. This is where you need to head next. The last key will be found later on in the game.

Use your Levitation ability to jump over the high ledge on the left of the typewriter. Eventually, you’ll have to bring back your Mental Connection to get to the angry stamp.

If you’re not fast enough to make it past the stamp without being squashed, you can use your Time Bubble ability to slow the stamp down.

Now, look towards the left to see a couple of more moving stamps. Get your Time Bubble in order again, and head through them to make it to the platform on the other end. There’s a Memory Vault located on the platform.

Have a nice trip through memory lane. At this point, Lucy is a major missing.

Ford Bot Interior

Slow down the spinning wheel using your Time Bubble ability and head to the other side of the platform.

This would be a small section. All you have to do is climb aboard one of the flying envelop and let it take you to another opening on the other end of the room.

Jump off the envelop and head towards the International Dead Letter office. This is where our beloved letter awaits.

International Dead Letter Office

Slide down the slope lined with wasted envelopes. It would be a fun ride until you realize it’s going to put you right in the face of some antagonists once it ends.

Therefore, get your abilities in order before the ride ends so you can jump into the battle right away. PSI Blast ability will make your job easier here.

Once you’re done with the enemies, you’ll see the letter hanging off from a wooden beam. But before you proceed towards the letter, collect Half-a-Mind from the rack nearby.

Address the Letter

Before you’re able to save the letter, it’ll fall down and take you along with it. What seems like a fall of doom will, in fact, save the letter from being destroyed.

Before it ends up in the furnace, the Ford bot will allow you to try and address it. But this cannot happen unless all the keys are put back on the typewriter.

The last missing key is the L key, and it’s located near the platform where you land. Swing across the pins and make it to the key.

Once again, the Telekinesis ability would prove to be a blessing when you pick it up and parachute your way down to the typewriter.

Once the keys are in place, you’ll be prompted on how to use the typewriter. Type LUCY on the letter, and a cutscene would kick in.

When it’s over, head to the brain of our old man and pull the shard of glass out from his brain. This would then trigger another cutscene.


When the graveyard section begins, rush down the slope using your levitation ability and jump into the grave that Ford has dug for you.

Getting to Know Ford’s Story

When you wake up, you’ll find yourself in some kind of deep chasm that’s glowing green. There’s little to no gravity here.

You’ll find several platforms underneath you. Each platform has a door, and the old man waits on the other side of each door.

Ford will tell you a new piece of his story every time you enter a new door. Once the platforms end, you cannot go back up. Therefore, the only way is down!

The Unexpected

This time, you’ll find yourself in a red corridor. Keep moving across the corridor, and you’ll come across a dead skeleton couple lying on the bed.

This is where Ford starts telling you the story you never expected to hear. The story will then continue until you reach a door and exit the corridor.

A cutscene would then follow, marking the end of the chapter.

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