Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Walkthrough

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to complete Psychonauts 2 Compton's Cookoff by making all the dishes successfully

Ram It Down is a cooking show that takes place inside the mind of Compton Boole. The show is hosted and judged by the hand puppets of Ford Cruller, Hollis Forsythe, Otto Mentallis, and Truman Zanotto. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff.

Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff

Once you’ve completed the “Give Compton the Bees” mission, you’ll unlock the next mission called “Soothe Compton”. The mission takes place inside Compton’s mind where you’ll initially take on the Judge in a battle.

By using Telekinesis, grab the books thrown by the Judge in mid-air and throw them back at him to deal damage.

Defeating the Judge takes you to a Cook-off where you’ll be taking part in a cooking show called Ram It Down.

The Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff consists of three rounds and below we’ve given detail as to how you can complete them.

  • Prepare a Drowned Egg
  • Prepare a Strawberry Jam Croque Madame
  • Prepare a Honey Pepper Pancake Stacker

Round #1 Drowned Egg

You only have 10 mins to complete the first round. Simply start with using your Telekinesis to grab an audience member; ironically who happens to be an egg.

Take the egg to the boiling station on the upper section of the stage and leave it to boil. Once boiled, take it to the middle of the stage and place it on the plate.

The next step will bring tears to your eyes since you will be slicing some Onions. Again, use Telekinesis to grab an Onion from the audience, take it to the Pork Chopper to cut the Onion.

Once sliced, take it to the middle of the stage and place it on the plate just like the boiled egg and activate the red button to Reveal the Meal.

After the meal has been tasted, you might want to put the forks down and take out your weapons as you’ll be facing a few Censors and a Judge up next.

Once the enemies are defeated, activate the red button to start the next Round.

Round #2 Strawberry Jam Croque Madame

In the second round, you’ll be focusing on three ingredients. The stakes are high as your due time is in 7 mins.

Boiling the egg won’t take time since you already know how to do it. Take the Egg from the audience to the boiling station and leave it to boil then place it on the plate in the middle of the stage.

Next up is preparing the Strawberry. Once again, grab an audience member, but this time a Strawberry. Throw it inside the blender, press the red button and wait till it is blended then take the jam to the plate.

The last ingredient for round two is Bread. A loaf can be found in the audience enjoying the show, take it to the Pork Chopper to slice it. Once sliced, take it to the grilling station because everyone likes their toast extra crispy.

Once the toast is cooked properly, take it to the stage and activate the large red button to Reveal the Meal, and get rewarded with a Half-A-Mind.

Once you go on commercials, you’ll be welcomed by multiple Regrets and another Judge, take them down to start the final round of the cook-off.

Round #3 Honey Pepper Pancake Stacker

The stakes are even higher as the timer has cut 2 more minutes off the clock and added another Ingredient, making the final round the toughest one out of the three with just 5mins to serve the dish.

Since this is the hardest round of the cook-off, use your levitation ability to get a faster speed during the round.

For the last round, you’ll be needing Egg, Bacon, Honey, and Watermelon to prepare the final dish of the show, the Honey Pepper Pancake Stacker.

Boiling eggs is easy for you now therefore, the last round requires you to fry them instead. Take an egg from the audience, cook it in the frying pan, take it to the stage and place it on the plate.

Now for the bacon, grab a pig from the audience and slice it. Put it in the frying pan to cook. Once cooked, take it to the stage and place it on the plate.

Next up is the honey, take the hive and boil it then place it on the plate at the stage.

The last Ingredient is the Watermelon. This Ingredient takes more time than usual since it has two stages to go through. You want to grab the watermelon and slice it then put it inside the mixer to blend.

Once blend, take it to the plate on the stage and activate the red button to Reveal the Final Meal of the cook-off.

Once served, take on all three Judges and a bunch of Censors, defeat them to end Compton’s Cookoff mission, and get rewarded with +1 Senior League Membership Card.

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