Pokemon X and Y Gym Leaders and Gyms Guide – TMs and Badges

Everything you need to know about Gyms, Gym Leaders, their Pokemon, Badges and TMs as rewards in Pokemon X and Y.

In this guide, you will find all about the eight Gyms in Kalos Region. Along with that, we will talk about the corresponding Gym Leaders and their Pokemon, Rewards, Specialties, and other important stuff.

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Pokemon X and Y Gyms and Gym Leaders

Below is a complete breakdown of all the Gyms and Gym Leaders in the region.

Santalune City (Bug-Type)

The first Gym in the game is looked after by Viola. You will NOT be able to reach many parts of the Gym and will encounter trainers along the path. Defeating Viola will net you Bug Badge and TM #83 – Infestations.

Viola – Pokemon and Abilities

Surskit (Level 10 Battle)

Swift Swim
Your Pokémon’s speed will double up during the rainy season.

Rain Dish
It enables the recovery of 1/16th HP during the rainy season.

Vivillon (Level 12 Battle)

Shield Dust
Enemy moves which yield damage will be useless.

Compound Eyes
Increases the accuracy by 30%.

Cyllage City (Rock-Type)

It is run by Grant whom you need to find on a Cycle Track. You will counter many trainers along the way and the badge will allow Pokemon up to Level 40 to obey.

Defeating Grant will net you Cliff Badge and TM #39 – Rock Tomb.

Grant – Pokemon and Abilities

Tyrunt (Level 25 Battle)

Strong Jaw
Biting power is increased considerably.

Amaura (Level 25 Battle)

Normal-Type attacks are turned into Ice-Type attacks.

Shalour City (Fighting-Type)

This Gym is run by Korrina who will invite you to battle her in Gym. However, in order to reach Korrina, you will have to take out all the trainers in the vicinity.

Defeating Korrina will net you Rumble Badge (Allows Pokemon up to Level 50 to obey) and TM #98 – Power Up Punch.

Korrina – Pokemon and Abilities

Meinfoo (Level 29 Battle)

Inner Focus
There will be no flinching during the attacks.

33% of Hit Points are restored when you switch it out of battlefield.

Moves which have recoil have increased power.

Hawlucha (Level 32 Battle)

Paralyzing attacks will be useless on this Pokémon.

Speed is increased by 100%.

Machoka (Level 28 Battle)

After being injected with BURN, SLEEP, etc. Attack is raised 1.5 times.

No Guard
Accuracy is enhanced by 100%.

Speed is increased by 1 with each flinch that this Pokemon experiences.

Courmaline City (Grass-Type)

This Gym is run by Ramos and you will have to do a lot of climbing and swinging in order to reach the leader. The badge allows Pokemon up to Level 60 to obey.

Defeating Ramos will net you Grass Badge and TM #86 – Grass Knot.

Ramos – Pokemon and Abilities

Jumpluff: Level 30 Battle

Speed will double up during sunny season.

Leaf Guard
Status Effects will be useless in sunlight.

Protections and stat boosts by the enemies are useless.

Gogoat: Level 34 Battle

Sap Sipper
Each time the Pokémon is hit by Grass-Type attack; Attack is raised by 1.

Weepinbell: Level 31 Battle

Speed will double up during sunny season.

During low HP, a Berry is eaten quickly.

Lumiose City (Electric-Type)

This Gym is run by Clemont and requires you to answer correctly a few questions put forth by Clement’s sister; Bonnie. However, if you don’t answer it right, along with trying again, you will have to fight another opponent.

Defeating Clemont will net you Voltage Badge (Allows Pokémon up to Level 60 to obey) and TM #24 – Thunderbolts.

Clemont Pokemon and Abilities

Emolga: Level 35 Battle

It reduces the speed of the Pokémon that performs a direct attack on your Pokémon.

Motor Drive
No damage is taken from Electric-Type attacks.

Magneton: Level 35 Battle

Sturdy makes this Pokémon immune from the One Hit Knock Out attacks.

Attack Power is increased by 30%.

Magnet Pull
This ability restricts the ability of Steel-Type Pokémon of running and switching.

Heliolisk: Level 37 Battle

Sand Veil
Escape during a Sandstorm is increased by 1.

Dry Skin
HP is restored when hit by Water-Type attacks.

Laverre City (Fairy-Type)

This Gym is led by Valerie and along with featuring different puzzles; requires you to deal with trainers along the path. Defeating Valerie will net you TM #99 – Dazzling Gleam and Fairy Badge.

Valerie – Pokemon and Abilities

Mawile: Level 38 Battle

Hyper Cutter
Opponent will NOT be able to lower the Attack Value of this Pokémon.

It decreases the enemy Attack stat by 33%.

Sheer Force
Moves which have a secondary effect get 33% enhanced power.

Mr. Mime: Level 39 Battle

Sound Proof
Sound moves are useless while this ability is active.

Super-effective moves have 25% less damage.

This allows the movement with a Base Power of 60.

Sylveon: Level 42 Battle

Cute Charm
Injecting enemy with ATTRACT is increased by 30%.

Anistar City (Psychic-Type)

This Gym is run by Olympia which is actually mysterious as it disappears sometimes. You will have to make your way through several puzzles and floors in order to reach the Leader.

Defeating Olympia will net you Psychic Badge and TM #4 – Calm Mind.

Olympia – Pokemon and Abilities

Sligilyph: Level 44 Battle

Magic Guards
No damage is taken from moves other than direct attacks.

Tinted Lens
Not effective moves have get their power doubled up!

Slowking: Level 45 Battle

ATTRACT status can’t be used while this ability is active.

Own Tempo
While this ability is active; CONFUSED status move is in-effective.

33% of Hit Points are restored when you switch it out of battlefield.

Meowstic: Level 48 Battle

Keen Eye
Pokemon’s accuracy can’t be decreased.

Protections and stat boosts by the enemies are useless.

Snowbelle City (Ice-Type)

This is last Gym that you will encounter in the game which is run by Wulfric. You will have to solve in a few puzzles and fight off many trainers before reaching Wulfric for the final Showdown.

Defeating Wulfric will net you Iceberg Badge and TM #13 – Ice Beam.

Wulfric – Pokemon and Abilities

Abomasnow: Level 56 Battle

Snow Warning
When this Pokémon enters; storm starts.

Sound Proof
Sound Moves have no effect.

Cyrogonal: Level 55 Battle

Ground-Type moves have are useless when this ability is active.

Avalugg: Level 59 Battle

Own Tempo
While this ability is active; CONFUSED status move is in-effective.

Ice Body
HP is gained in the snowy season.

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