Pokemon X and Y Fairy-Type Pokemon Guide – Moves and Counters

Know everything about the new Fairy-Type Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y. Learn about the weaknesses and strengths of these Pokemon to counter them effectively.

Pokemon X and Y
Fairy-Type Pokemon can be regarded as 18th type of Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise which is being introduced for the first time in Pokemon X and Y.

To keep the balance of the game, there are certain pros and cons of the Fairy-Type Pokemon. For more help on Pokemon X and Y, read our Mega Stones Locations, Gym Leaders and Super Training Guide.

Pokemon X and Y Fairy-Type Pokemon

These Pokemon are weak against Poison-Type and Steel-Type Pokemon and are resistant to Dark-Type, Fighter-Type, and Bug-Type Pokemon. As for the immunity, they seem to be immune to Dragon-Type ones.

Now let’s get to the moves which are Fairy-Type!

Fairy-Type moves work really good against Fighter, Dragon, and Dark types and not so good against Fire, Steel, and Poison type moves. There are different types of Fairy-Type Pokémon available in this game. You will find a complete list of all these Pokémon below!

Xerneas is a legendary Pokemon in Pokémon X and Y and is only available in the X-version of the game. The Y-version of this Pokemon is Yveltal.

This Pokemon is quite hard to capture. You can refer to our guide on capturing Legendary Pokemon for more details.

Sylveon can be obtained by evolving Eevee; which is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what you need to do. It has been discovered until recently and we have explained Eevee to Sylveon Evolution Method in detail in our guide.

Yet another Fairy-Type Pokemon; who is said to be the smallest Pokemon ever. This Pokemon finds a flower and then bonds itself with the flower for the rest of its life. It changes its color depending upon the flower which it bonds with.

Spritzee is an exclusive Y-Type Pokemon. Although it is NOT a Flying-Type, you will often see it flying around. It is also said to be perfume Pokemon with its X-counterpart being Swirlix.

Since it is created from the evolution of Spritzee, it is also known as Fragrance Pokemon and is exclusive to Y-version of the game. It is able to produce fragrances ranging from refreshing to really foul odor which heals allies and damages enemies. The x-counterpart of this Pokemon is Slurpuff.

Swirlix is the x-counterpart of Spritzee and is exclusive to X-version of the game. It is another Fairy-Type Pokemon which utilizes the ability of Sweet Veil – an ability which makes the Sleep Status Effect on teammates useless.

It also possesses Draining Kiss ability which is said to drain enemy’s HP and dealing damage.

Dedenne is both Fairy and Electric type Pokemon which resembles Pikachu family to a great extent. It is able to plunge its tail in an electric socket to draw electric current from it and coordinating with teammates.

Along with that, it also possesses Nuzzle which paralyzes enemies.

Mega Mawile
Like its name suggests, Mega Mawile can be created by the mega-evolution of Mawile. Similar to Mawile, it is Steel-Type/Fairy-Type and has almost identical moves. Mega Mawile seems to have more attack power than the regular Mawile and also has a bigger jaw.

Following are the Pokemon which are partly Fairy-Type:

  • Jigglypuff
  • Wigglytuff
  • Gardevoir
  • Marill
  • Azumarill
  • Mawile

Fairy-Type Moves

Now that we have covered all the Fairy-Type Pokemon, it is time that we move to the moves. Below, you will find a complete list of Fairy-Type moves with a brief detail of what you can expect from them:

Baby-Doll Eyes
Using this move will allow your character to decrease the attack power of your enemy.

Draining Kiss
Like I have above mentioned, Draining Kiss drains the enemy HP depending upon the damage dealt.

Fairy Wind
This move allows your character to start a fairy wind and hit your enemies with it.

This allows you to absorb energy from enemy and raise your own Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats.

Moon Blast
You will be able to decrease enemy Special Attack stat by using this move.

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