Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide – How to Catch Cosmog and Cosmoem

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide to help you learn all you need to know about catching Cosmog and Cosmoem and evolve them into their final forms.

Cosmog is a new Pokemon introduced with the Generation VII of Pokemon. It can be quite difficult to find and catch Cosmog and Cosmoem and this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide will help you-you step-by-step on how to catch Cosmog and how to catch Cosmoem.

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this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide will show you how all of you collectors can stop tediously searching for Cosmog and Cosmoem and quickly get them in your Pokedex.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide – How to Catch Cosmog and Cosmoem

Cosmog is a new Psychic-Type of Pokemon. It is a small floating-type celestial Pokemon with a dark blueish appearance with astronomic marking on it.

Its body is composed of a cloud of ionized gases that stretch into two arm-like projections to the side of its body. A crescent run down the middle of its body splitting it equally on both sides, coming out from the back and not crossing its face on the front.

The sparkle in its wings symbolizes the formation of stars inside of a Nebula. It is also known to be very juvenile and overly trusting. It follows all, regardless of their malicious intentions and cannot tell between good and bad people.

This puts it in a lot in harm’s way.

Cosmog Evolution


Cosmeom is also a Psychic-type legendary Pokemon, the evolved form of Cosmog. It is an orb-shaped celestial Pokemon with a small body covered by gold-colored projection.

Its body resembles a space filled with stars and galaxies, which are run down by four crescent-shaped projections that similar to Cosmog, come from the back of its body and do not run down its face.

In the middle of the void on its body, there exists a smaller much denser region that imitates a black hole. That region also has two small eyes and a mouth and is the face of Cosmeom.

Cosmeom is captured by capturing the Cosmog and then evolving into one. The method for capturing both Cosmog and Cosmeom is the same so read on to find out where and how you can get these Pokemon into your Pokedex.


Lunala is the third-evolution of Cosmog along with Solgaleo. It is a huge celestial Pokemon with a bat-shaped body and an enormous span of large wings spread to both sides.

Its wings originate from its five-finger, three of which are long and used to support the wings while the other are bent over facing its head. These are used as claws.

Its wing are bordered by the same golden crescent that was on Cosmog and Cosmeom. Moreover, the same crescent runs at the back of its head, coming from beneath its neck, acting as a rigid protection to its soft head.

Its spread-out wings are used to absorb light with its use to power itself.


Solgaleo is also one of the final evolution stages of Cosmog, the other being Lunala. This transformation is achieved at level 53 and only in the Ultra Sun or Sun game-mode.

Solgaleo is a Steel/Psychic type legendary Pokemon that resembles a lion.

The blueish projection on its forehead represents the constantly changing star space and the four crescent-shaped golden ridges previously on Cosmeom, can also be seen on Solgaleo, that make up a crown-like object.

Its mane is made of rigid-shards that run to the back of its body, overall creating the impression of a sun.

How to Catch Cosmog

First of all, you need to make sure you have completed the game’s storyline and become the champion. You need also to be on the search for the Beast Pokemon.

Then if you are playing the Ultra Sun version, you need to go back to the Altar of the Sun and enter the portal and you will find yourself in the Ultra Moon dimension. However, the portal will open only if the game is in the nighttime mode.

Also, you need to have either Lunala or Solgaleo in your Pokedex.

Note: Now also keep this in mind that, this is as such if you are playing the Ultra Sun version. The process is vice versa for the Ultra Moon.

Once there, you need to proceed to the Ula’ula Island in the Alola Region, where you will find the Lake of the Moone, precisely located at Route 16. Move on over to the Lake of the Moon and get inside the castle.

Keep on moving until you get to the top near the Altar. There inside the thick, dense fog, Lunala will appear.

Along with Lunala, Solgaleo will appear as well and they will leave behind Cosmog for you to take. At this point, you will be asked if you want to take Cosmog with you. Answer ‘Yes’ to acquire both Cosmog and Solganium-Z.

Cosmog will evolve to Cosmeom at level 43. You can further evolve it to get either Solgaleo or Lunala.

That is all we have for our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Guide to Acquiring Cosmog and Cosmoem. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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