Pokemon Sword and Shield Watts Farming ‘Make Money Fast Guide

Watts are an essential new currency introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield to help you get new upgrades and this guide will show you how to farm them

When you progress to the point where you reach your first Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will discover a currency known as Watts which can be used to purchase useful items for your Pokemon journey. This currency can be used to buy items from different vendors found all over Galar. Read on for our tips on Pokemon Sword and Shield Watts Farming.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Watts Farming

Similarly, earning normal money is easy as well. Pokemon Sword and Shield starts you off with 30,000. As you play through the story, you will earn a lot of money as is, but there are a few methods you can use to better your income.

Earning Watts
The process for earning Watts is that you will need to find specific Pokemon in the Wild.

You will need to find Pokemon with a yellow glow surrounding them, and defeat them to get a good amount of Watts. This is known as Brilliant Aura, and the Pokemon that have this are exponentially stronger than your regular Pokemon. Be very careful when dealing with these Pokemon, but defeating or capturing them will result in you getting a large quantity of Watts, so it’s definitely worth the challenge. These are Gigantamax Pokemon typically found in raid dens.

You can also visit dens marked around your area to get Watts. So in summary, the things that you will need to do are:

  • Defeat Yellow Pokemon.
  • Visit Small Dens (Emitting a weak red light) and earn 50 Watts
  • Visit Large Dens (Emitting a moderately strong red light) and earn up to 300 Watts.
  • Dens emitting a very strong red light and a swirl around the light will give you 2,000 Watts.
  • Red Dens that do not shoot out a large beam of light do not contain a Dyanamax Pokemon, and will only reward you with 50 Watts.

You do not need to start a battle at the den to get the Watts. Examine the den and the Watts should be yours. Defeating Yellow Pokemon will give you roughly 200 Watts each time.

However, once you’ve examined or beaten a Den, you will not be able to return to the Den and claim even more Watts for some time; another Dynamax Pokemon will appear, providing you with another opportunity to gain Watts, but it will take a large amount of time. It’s recommended that you visit other Dens in the meantime.

The Bridge Field wild area is considered to be one of the best places to farm Watts. Use your bicycle to be thorough and fast.

Farming Watts / Money
For this technique, you will need a Meowth, keep in mind that you do not need the Galarian version, but the original Meowth.

You can get one by trading the Galarian Meowth in the Grass Gym. Once you do this, you will have a cute cat who can earn you a lot of money with its ability; PayDay.

The ability PayDay gets you money, but the best way to make the most out of Meowth’s ability is to use Meowth in a Gym Battle and Dynamax him.

Use the Gold Rush ability thrice which will cause your opponent to drop money, which can potentially be a lot of money.

Using it outside of Gym is not a lot of money, which is why it is recommended that you use Meowth within Gym Battles to keep yourself up in terms of cash. It can easily earn you three to four times what you would normally earn from Gym Battles.

An alternative method is that there is an Amulet Coin close to the Cave Entrance on Motostroke Outskirts.

Get Lucky Incense in the Hulbury market, and both items will double in value from Trainer and Gym fights.

Another way of earning Watts is by participating in the Rotom Rally (available only after you’ve obtained the Rotom Bike). In the Wild Areas, look for vendors that are wearing a black and white uniform. They will allow you to participate in a rally – the objective is to reach the next vendor as quickly as possible.

You’re allowed to set the distance (as close or as far as you so desire) but you won’t be able to use boost. Instead, there will be balloons along the path that you can pop; certain balloons give you a boost in speed, while others give you extra time to reach your destination.

You will earn Watts depending on how quickly you read your destination. If you reach the vendor with a surplus of time, then you’ll be rewarded handsomely; if you reach the vendor with only a minuscule amount of time left, then you’ll be rewarded meagerly. The amount of time that remains will determine your overall score.

If you participate in the 120-second Rally and get a score of 20,000 to 30,000, then you’ll be rewarded with 250 to 300 Watts. If you participate in the 40-second Rally and get a score of 10,000, then you’ll get the minimum amount of Watts – 100.

Hopefully, by following these techniques, you will not have to worry about either form of currency, and can keep your journey sailing smooth.

After all, in Pokemon, if you have the right items, you can really stretch your arms and do things you would not have normally been able to do at a lower level, and for that kind of stuff, you need the right amount of money.

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