Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally Guide

Take part in the Rotom Rally racing in Pokemon Sword and Shield to earn cool rewards such as Watts with the help of our guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield include a bunch of interesting and fun side activities for players to engage in including racing. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally guide, we will show you how to take part in the Rotom Bike Racing and emerge victorious.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Rotom Rally

Before we talk about the Rotom Rally, let’s first talk about the Rottom Bike which is a must for participating in Rottom Rally.

Rotom Bike
If you have already got your bike, that’s great! If not, go and beat the First Gym Turffield.

Once the gym leader is beaten, the story will take you along Route 5 and you will be awarded the Rotom Bike for beating the two members of Yell on a bridge.

Once you have got your Rotom Bike, life in the Galar region will become quite pleasant as you can travel around much faster.

Although you can use the Air Taxi system which is even more efficient, Rotom Bikes holds their significant importance because you cannot roam around and search for people or Pokemon in the Air Taxi.

Rotom bike also allows you to participate in different activities, one of such activities is the Rotom Rally Bike Racing, which is described later in the section.

You can also upgrade your Rotom Bike by talking to different people in the Wild Area, so keep looking and you might crash into some.

Joining the Rotom Rally
In order to participate in the Rotom Rally, get your bike and head towards the Wild Area. Look for the Watt Traders in there.

Watt Traders are Biker-Dressed people standing here and there in the Wild Areas. Once you find one, go and talk to him.

The Watt Trader will offer you different types of competitions, which are all characterized on the basis of the time durations of the races. Some of them are:

  • East Lake Axewell, 40 Seconds
  • The Bridge Field, 120 Seconds
  • The Giant’s Cap, 130 Seconds
  • The Hammerlock Hill, 160 Seconds

How to compete
Once you have chosen a specific course out of them, the race will begin, Your objective is to ride as fast as possible and keep defeating the Timer each time.

The rotom rally track is filled with two types of balloons too. Smaller balloons and larger balloons. The smaller balloons increase your speed for time duration and the larger ones increase the time limit.

The tracks also consist of some wild Pokemon. No matter what, don’t crash into them or they will slow you down quite significantly.

Completing the races awards you with ‘Watts’ which are in-game currency for buying different types of items.

Upgrading Turbo Bike
The Rotom bike is the primary means for traveling around the overworld fast. You get it in about the start of the game from a doctor you save. You have the option to upgrade the turbo on this bike.

In order to get started with upgrading your Rotom bike, you have to find the Rotom Rally NPC you’ll find throughout the Wild Area. An example for this is; next to Tent Color NPC is RR NPC near the entrance of the Motostoke.

You will get the option to improve your bike when you talk to this NPC. This turbocharge upgrade has three tiers and they will cost you 1000W, 3000W, and 5000W (totals 9000W spent). Your travel speed through the wild areas will greatly increase when you get the final upgrade as your per use of turbocharge time will be around 6 seconds.

Now let’s talk about how you can get the most out of these upgrades.

Getting faster times in Rotom Rallies
The answer to this question is that first of all you have to, “get better” but that’s is pretty obvious so instead we will discuss the tips that can get you faster times.

The first one being the upgrade mentioned above and the second one being an upgrade that is available on Route 9 which will enable you to ride your bike on water. There is a duo of Team Yell grunts that you have to defeat and you will get equip able paddles from a scientist.

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