How to Find Missing Galarian Slowpokes in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

Leader of the Master Dojo Mustard will ask you to find three missing Slowpokes as the first of the three tasks that he assigns. In this guide, we will show you how to Find Missing Galarian Slowpokes in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

Finding and catching these missing Galarian Slowpokes is quite easy and we have described all you need to know about finding and catching them in our guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Missing Slowpokes

So, these Galarian Slowpokes have escaped from the Master Dojo and you have to find and catch them to pass the first of Mustard’s three trials.

Catching the Escaped Slowpokes

So first of all, you will have to get to the Soothing Wetlands location. All of the three will be found there. You should have the Rotom bike in order to catch them, as its speed is about the same as the Slowpokes.

Another thing to know while catching these fast-paced slowpokes is that they run in a fixed loop.

You have to observe the loop for the while, and then you can easily interfere by standing in their way.

Here are the exact locations of each of them:

First Slowpoke Location
As you enter the Soothing Wetlands, head straight and then to the right. You will see a big cloud of smoke emerging around in circles. Get to it and beat it down in order to catch it.

Second Slowpoke Location
The second slowpoke is also just to the left. You will see it the same as you saw the first one – emerging clouds of smoke. Get to it, defeat it and you will have it.

Third Slowpoke Location
Once you catch the second Slowpoke, the location of the third one becomes obvious. Just head further west and you will see it near a bench.